power out in richmond, police on the scene - solar powered traffic lights suppliers

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
power out in richmond, police on the scene  -  solar powered traffic lights suppliers
Business on Swan Street in Richmond returned to normal after an earlier blackout.
Large areas of the suburbs were blacked out for an hour or more, and many traffic lights in the area went out.
In parallel with the blackout, there were reports of a large number of police activities in the area, including in the plains. -
Clothed policemen hovered around shopkeepers at Richmond Railway Station and police helicopters. They said the electricity was cut off at about 1 p. m. on Swan Street and restored around 2 p. m.
In Galato Messina, the door quickly closed to keep the ice warm.
They are now open again, and business in this shop is still slow on Monday afternoon.
One shopkeeper assured the old man that the ice cream had not melted and everything was fine.
The Rustica Sourdough bakery next door serves sandwiches, but most of lunchtime is one of the most typical sounds on the street. -
The coffee machine buzzed-
Obviously absent.
Powercor said the fault occurred on underground wires and workers were looking for problems in tunnels.
About 660 customers were affected by blackouts, she said.
At least at this stage, simultaneous police action seems to have nothing to do with the loss of power.
Metro workers said a group of police arrived at Richmond Station at about 1 p. m.
They are reportedly looking for a tall, thin man with a South African accent.
The staff said the police would not say why they were looking for the man.
At 2 p. m. , the police were no longer at the station.
A police spokesman would not disclose any details of the action, except that it was not a reaction. -
Terrorism is related.
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