power crunch hits street lighting hard in kochi - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
power crunch hits street lighting hard in kochi  -  integrated solar led street light
Street lighting is one of the facilities seriously affected by the continuing power shortage. Several interior areas of Gaozhi County fall into darkness during the rush hour between 6 p. m. and 10 p. m. m.
Kochibao City Councillor Anthony Kuretahara said that with the approaching of Christmas and New Year celebrations, people in the West are most worried.
He said the company needed to work together to ensure that the lighting on West Kochi Street was normal in the next few days.
Gaozhibao is the site of annual New Year's Carnival and Christmas related celebrations. Mr.
Kureethara says power shortages have increased the problem of inadequate lighting, and he calls for at least 100 more lights in his department before the celebrations.
Sodium vapor lamp, consisting of two-
Of the nearly 34,000 public lights in urban areas, one third work at low voltages.
However, the lamp absorbs more electricity and does not turn on during peak hours.
Sodium vapor lamps are arranged on the main roads such as MG Road, Chito Road and SA Road. During peak hours, there is no problem with lighting in these sections.
However, the inner area illuminated by the tube plunges into darkness during peak periods.
It is roughly estimated that in the eastern part of the city, there are about 150 barrel lamps in each district. I.
Chandramohan, a contractor in the area.
The eastern part of Gaozhi County accounts for 46 of 74 departments in the whole company area.
Cochin Sumian, chairman of the Standing Committee of Engineering, said the company's Bureau wanted to switch to the LED system as soon as possible to overcome the problems caused by power shortages and peak power. -
Hour low pressure.
However, cost factors hinder plans to install LED systems.
Members of Parliament at Fort Kochi Antony Kureethara claim that the leadership's decision was made nearly seven months ago, but it still lags behind the top.
He said the company needed to concentrate its actions before celebrating the celebrations at West Kochi during Christmas and New Year. Ms.
Jean said the company has been allocated 100 leadership systems by the state government.
These lights will be installed in a separate stretch to test different lighting effects.
According to a recent decision, the city planning department will install 100 LED systems on the road between the Mattancherry Bot Bridge and the Vikrant Bridge.
The installation of the LED system will also save the company a lot of money, and the company can now pay almost rupees.
Ten million dollars a month for street lighting.
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