portable traffic signals deployed - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
portable traffic signals deployed  -  solar panel traffic lights
Traffic police have begun to deploy 20 recently purchased portable traffic signal systems to overcome the problems encountered during the planned city-wide load shedding process.
Each of the city's three police districts has six to seven portable systems on standby at specific locations.
Additional police chief Sanjay Arora (Traffic)
Whenever important traffic signals are turned off due to a power outage, the system is deployed, he said.
"They will also be deployed on a regular basis at the intersection where we think the signal is needed, but there is no signal yet.
The rechargeable battery says that although the portable signal can work by getting power from the connected solar panel, it will run mainly using rechargeable batteries.
The system can run continuously 8-10 hours.
Signal timing in each direction can be pre-
Traffic personnel set up or manually change at the intersection.
Due to maintenance problems, 10 of the city's 276 traffic signals do not work on average every day, so portable signals will be deployed on a regular basis to ensure smooth trafficArora said.
If the driver notices any traffic lights that are repeatedly faulty, Sir
Arora said the complaint can be registered by calling 28521323 or sending a text message to 90031 30103.
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