peripheral vision: climate change and global development in the 21st century (pt. ii) - all in one solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
peripheral vision: climate change and global development in the 21st century (pt. ii)  -  all in one solar led street light
The first part of this paper focuses on the grid. -
Through crowdsourcing and SunFunding, the growth of distributed investment and power generation has undergone tremendous changes.
The concept of solar roads has been around for more than 30 years, but until Scott and Julie Brussels, from Sandpurt, Idaho, it had little attraction. --a picture-
The perfect town, cast directly from the center, lies between the amazing beautiful mountains and the quiet shores of Lake Pendeowille. --
Their solar road Indiegogo campaign was launched on Earth Day in April 2014.
Scott Brusaw, an electrical engineer, has explored the feasibility of replacing 31,000 square miles of paved roads, parking lots, lanes, playgrounds, bicycle lanes and sidewalks across the United States since 2006. (
About 1% of the total land area in China)
"Intelligent" road system is made of reclaimed hexagonal glass-
Encapsulated solar panels provide power. . . well. . . and doing. . . well. . .
Almost everything!
With initial funding from the Federal Highway Administration and moderate support from General Electric, Brusaw's team designed and built prototypes of solar panels suitable for road use, and completed the preliminary construction of a prototype parking lot with integrated solar cells, LED lights, heating elements and textured glass surfaces.
Funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will support the establishment of solar panel production capacity.
Although the concept of solar roads is interesting in itself, its global response from "simple ballads" is more newsworthy for the following reasons--
"Meta" analysis of solar roads, as a tool for vox poplar capture information sharing, species-
Let us keep our hopes and fears for the future at peace, otherwise these hopes and fears may still be early and elusive.
With this information, we can not only track the deep-seated movement of the organic activation of human "thinking", but also link these psychological movements directly with policy. -
Relevant and market-
Short Circuit of Relevant Feedback Circuit-
Circumvent existing decisions-
Create cycles in Washington, American business and Wall Street.
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