now traffic lights to run on solar power | hubballi news - times of india - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
now traffic lights to run on solar power | hubballi news - times of india  -  solar traffic light system
HUBLI: with Hubli-
The Dharwad Police Commission is considering upgrading the traffic signals of Twin Cities with the latest technology, and the intersection of twin cities will soon be refreshed.
If everything goes as planned, there will be solar energy on the City Road by next month-
The operation of the government has approved a traffic signal system of Rs 50.
The Commission has already conducted tenders for this work. In Hubli-
About 30 signals, Dharwad.
24 of them are equipped with solar and electricity, and the remaining 24 are equipped with expensive electricity.
Now the authorities plan to add four more signals.
The decision to reduce the power use of traffic signal lighting will be generated by a series of energy-saving led (
Brighter than the bulb.
Police chief A Padmanayan said solar energy-
The deployment of traffic poles will help reduce power consumption and maintenance expenses.
According to sources, the surge in the number of private cars and NWKRTC buses in the two cities has exacerbated traffic problems. As Hubli-
The rapid development of Dharwad and the streamlining of transportation systems have also become a major challenge for police stations.
Most of the traffic signals in these two cities were installed a few years ago and cannot be seen by all road users.
With this in mind, action is being taken to increase the size of the pole.
N. S. Patil of the Traffic Association said that unlike HDMC's previous installation of traffic signals, the department is now installing traffic signals to avoid problems related to electricity.
If there is any hiccups in the solar signal, there will be an alternative arrangement to use the power connection.
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