november 3, 2017: your say on land exchange, migrants, and the weather - solar energy traffic lights

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november 3, 2017: your say on land exchange, migrants, and the weather  -  solar energy traffic lights
The exchange of land assets from Longston to the University of Tasmania should be a very important issue for taxpayers.
In this case, Senator Gibson was right to raise this issue and should not be attacked by the mayor and the acting general manager, because the Council did not adopt appropriate procedures.
In fact, this agenda item is premature and has the following problems: it has been proved that the process is incomplete in terms of sewage and rainwater treatment capacity in the suburbs of inveresk, and there is no traffic management or parking plan to ensure that the master plan is issued for community consultation and input.
The consequences of the Council's failure deserve genuine attention.
How easy is Peter Doddy? (
Letter, 29 October)
In order to prove that immigration has hindered our development, they have provided the ability of MCG as our annual source of income, and pointed out that most people directly enter the welfare field.
The facts are much more complicated.
Longitudinal study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics(2011)
As can be seen from another picture, the combined unemployment rate of recent immigrants and temporary residents is 7%, while the unemployment rate of Australian births is 5%.
We are a country of immigrants.
Over 28% of our current population is born overseas. (ABS Mar 2017).
Our immigration policy is a story of international success.
Refugees are another matter.
There are currently 65 million refugees in the world(
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR)June 2016).
Enough to fill the MCG 650 times.
We can't solve this problem by ourselves.
But that does not mean that we can draw dangerous conclusions and misleading statements directly.
Fear and fear-spreading politicians pose a greater threat to our country than any other problem we face today.
Some people will be advised that before the Ministry of National Development and the Longston City Council take measures to address the dangerous situation at the junction of Talbot Road and Pansivo Road, they must be disabled or killed while driving southward on Hobart Road.
Now drivers are using the right lane heading south as a straight road, turning left. -
Vehicles in the driveway enter the roadside, and they almost always turn right into Risley Street.
Traffic congestion is very serious. Because there are three sets of traffic lights and a set of pedestrian lights within 800 meters, the car backs up to Talbot Road and the turning arrow makes the whole situation worse.
Members of Parliament, their engineers and departments should be ashamed of themselves.
Increasing the insulting track through Punchbowl reserve has become the only way for many people, and the surface deteriorates quickly.
Politicians who illegally serve dual nationalities should not be entitled to a handshake pension.
So I agree with you, Tony Newport. (, October 23).
In terms of renewable energy, we do not need to be "politically backward".
Employment and growth will be the technology's training for people.
Solar, Wind and Tidal Energy-
What an encouraging thing it would be if the Tasmanian government accepted this and stopped blocking Tasmania from entering the present.
I think the person who publishes the weather forecast must have obtained a Master of Arts degree in creative writing from the university.
Yes, I have such a degree.
According to the forecast of the shower, I put on a waterproof jacket and took a $25 folding umbrella from the old umbrella store on George Street.
I know from experience that bargains in supermarkets are hopeless.
But the forecasted showers will never end.
When the city is bathed in the bright sunshine, I feel like a fool.
Glennis Slenk(, November 2)
It suggests that Barnaby Joyce is a typical Australian.
As I understand the point raised, I wonder if we can find a more evolutionary example.
In 2018, another year, Tasmanians disdained the team schedules that would take place in the north and south of the state. Now may be the time for Tasmanians to collectively "abandon" AFL's indifference. They withdrew millions of dollars in subsidies to Hawthorne and Northern Melbourne and truly tested their commitment to the state. E state.
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