next year, walk into a smart bkc - smart solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
next year, walk into a smart bkc  -  smart solar street light
The latest project of the Metropolitan Authority will make the business district smarter, which is good news for those who go to Bandera business district. -Kurla Complex (BKC)
Every day, the Smart BKC project has received positive responses from private enterprises.
The goal is to make BKC an intelligent area by March 2015 through the implementation of construction-operation-transfer or cash contracts.
The idea is WI. -
FI, Intelligent Street Lighting, Intelligent Parking and Video Analysis-
Application of CCTV cameras and public smart phones on 175 hectares of Mumbai Metropolitan Development Bureau(MMRDA)jurisdiction.
According to an official at MMRDA, at least four private companies have set up a modern financial centre in the Metropolitan Area of Mumbai, after they had submitted letters of intent. (MMR).
By providing high-speed Internet, the goal of MMRDA is for businesses to switch to their WI. -Fi services.
Another idea is to convert existing traditional street lamps into solar lamps. -
Electric lamp post.
A senior official of MMRDA said: "Street lighting will be automatically carried out according to the Yearbook so as to provide sufficient brightness according to climate and season when needed. "
In addition, according to the concept of intelligent parking, there are more than 3000 parking spaces in BKC, and the owner will know exactly where there are spaces for parking wheels.
You can also book parking spaces online.
With the advent of nearly 100 CCTV cameras, BKC will become more secure, as most areas will be monitored.
If any adverse events occur, the system will be able to alert the relevant authorities for action.
Having a smartphone app means scanning 175 hectares of fingertips, allowing the public to reserve a table in any restaurant, or to move in at zero distances from any retail store or cafeteria.
If the pilot project is successful, at a later stage, the Development Authority intends to replicate the project in Vadara, which is planning to be another business district in Mumbai.
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