newcastle's first street to be illuminated - 18 watt solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-02
newcastle\'s first street to be illuminated  -  18 watt solar led street light
Newcastle's oldest street, Watt Street, will be transformed into an interactive lighting show, with a new project aimed at creating a'living archive'street.
The "Urban Evolution" launched on June 21 will display lights on 10 buildings on Watt Street.
Some of these monitors will interact through mobile and smartphone technologies, all of which are promoting the history of the street.
Watt Street is Newcastle's oldest street with a long history. -
When the Awabacars used it as a track from water to the top of a sandy mountain, it was similar to the age of European settlements.
In 1804, Lieutenant Charles Menzis, founder of the permanent settlement, decided that the railway would become the first street in what he called Kingston.
Mencius built his house of discipline on the street and a pier to transport coal to Sydney.
Twenty years after Mencius arrived, Watt Street was officially named after James Watt. -
The pioneers and heroes of the industrial revolution in the 19th century.
In 1838, the Bank of New South Wales was established.
In 1870, when the building was demolished, a note was found on the plaster on the wall. Later, Thomas Simpson found it there. He put plaster on the wall.
In his letter, Simpson discussed the struggle between free men and criminals and pointed out: "This is to tell those who found out that this house was built by Thomas Simpson of Rhythe, Scotland.
It's a bad time for freedom to fight criminals.
The latter is reducing power;
They went down like chaff in front of free men. That's right, because when I came here in 1831, there were very few people except convicct.
Remember me when you see this. -THOMAS SIMPSON.
The property belongs to WScott ESQ in Dundee, Scotland.
My hometown is Arbroath, 18 miles from Dundee. T. S. -
I came with the priest.
Dr. Lang, on October 15, 1831, spent 75 pounds with his wife and two daughters in Stirlingburg. -THOMAS SIMPSON. (
From an article in Newcastle Chronicle in 1870. )
In the 1940s, the Beach Hotel was built in the location of the David Madison Building.
In addition to its regular customers, the hotel also features jugglers, geeks, performers and pranksters.
Arthur Greenhale, the owner of the Beach Hotel, was a performer who bought the hotel during World War II to entertain his Carnival troupe, when travel carnivals were banned because of petrol rationing.
The hotel has over 35 years of performers, including Princess Porto. -
African Girl Tam-
Leopard Dorita-
Mini-Maywest and Landini-the Three-Legged Man.
Dennis Odafi-
Irish Giant-
Everyone knows to lean on the bar when closing the door and set the clock half an hour slower!
Watt Street was built in 1859, when Newcastle was crowned a city and soon became one of Newcastle's most important streets, featuring government offices, commercial and religious buildings, hospitals, schools and recreational facilities.
Watt Street celebrated many landmark moments, including becoming Newcastle's first street to receive royalty members at the North Hotel.
The city development plan will be released free and publicly on Friday, June 21, at 5 p. m.
For more information, please visit www. cityevolutions.
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