new smart outlet adapter lets you go solar without panels - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-22
new smart outlet adapter lets you go solar without panels  -  solar panel traffic lights

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The days when homeowners buy expensive solar panels to reduce their environmental footprint may soon be the past.
You see, a new smart socket adapter is just on the market and anyone can use solar power anytime, anywhere.
The new device called SunPort has written a whole new chapter in the solar revolution: it allows any homeowner to take advantage of renewable energy.
All you need to do is insert this gadget between any electrical device and any wall socket, and solar energy will be fully in.
Yes, no panels are needed.
This technology is difficult to use.
When purchasing the adapter (
Or a handful)
You just take it out of the box and plug it into the wall socket.
The solar led light on the front of the gadget will turn green to let you know when solar energy is available.
Then when you plug the device into the adapter-
Laptop, desktop, smartphone charger, coffee maker, microwave, desk lamp, tablet
Screen TV, for example
It can immediately measure your energy usage and match it to real solar energy.
This gadget also comes with a free app so you can check your daily, weekly and monthly solar usage by clicking the button on your mobile device.
So how does this little invention provide solar energy for all of us?
This is the question everyone will ask when they hear this new technology.
The answer is simple: each adapter is upgraded to solar energy immediately by certified solar farm solar credit.
These solar farms are all over the United States, and homeowners across Toronto and Canada can also fully access this form of clean and natural energy once they purchase this equipment.
Canada is a well-known supporter and provider of renewable energy certificates (RECs)
That's why we can now get solar energy from south of the border and within our own country.
"SunPort is part of an increasing effort to build communication between solar farms and consumers," explains the development team that has just launched this innovative device.
"This communication improves the allocation of renewable energy while providing us with more energy options than ever before.
Of course, it's not free to use this gadget, but the good news is that anything you insert into it (up to 10 amps)
It will be upgraded to solar energy for about $2. 00 a month (per adapter)
Only $24.
00 per year according to usage.
It's a deal now.
While this gadget works well at home, you can also use it anywhere --
In the office, hotel, airport, library and coffee shop.
There are four different colors for SunPort: yellow, blue, green and pink.
Choose one that suits your hobby and you will be an instant user of solar energy.
Of course, you can always get solar panels if you have deep pockets, but, this new technology is more affordable and easier to get, and will make solar energy available to more homeowners, this is a good thing for us.
Called the planner"
The retail price per SunPort adapter is $80. 00 or a 4-
Packaging can be purchased for $280. 00 and an 8-
The package costs $500. 00.
You can buy this gadget online. sunport. co.
When are you going to solar?
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