new ross left in dark as 100 street lights out - solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-08
new ross left in dark as 100 street lights out  -  solar street light
In New Ross, up to 100 street lights went out.
The issue is currently under review and plans to replace some old lights, but Claire Anthony Connik expressed concern that three new lights on the boardwalk were broken.
Claire Connik said: "In New Rose, nearly 100 lights went out.
I require fixed public lighting, especially on main roads.
Thirteen lights went out on Waterford Road outside town.
It's incredible.
Sinead Casey, the new manager of Ross District, said she had contacted the contractor responsible for the lights and added that a maintenance company would inspect them last week.
The new Ross District Director, Emonhall, said there was a problem where the lights could be repaired, but they would go out in a week.
Cllr Martin Murphy asked if solar lights could be used, but Holly said they were not suitable for use on highways.
Claire Larry O'Brien said it took two weeks to fix two street lights after a burglary in Campilla.
Executive Engineer Abraham Dunn said a new contractor had taken over, adding that many problems had arisen from previous arrangements.
"I'm sure the new contractor will send a contractor here," Mr. Dunn said.
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