more towns committing to "going green" - solar energy traffic lights

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more towns committing to \
The city, which has huge housing developments and miles of shopping, sits on every Avenue and is not designed to make everything on Earth easy, but it doesn't stop it.
Cherry Hill, once a desolate farmland and now a bustling suburb of Philadelphia 70,000 kilometers, is one of the latest examples of the National Local Government's commitment to environmental issues as a priority.
This township is going down.
Energy traffic lights, incentives for residents to recycle, and even consider installing solar panels on municipal buildings.
"For a long time, we 've been waiting for other government agencies to take action on these issues," Mayor Bernie Pratt told the town council before passing a plan last month to reduce carbon emissions and waste.
"This elected body will act to provide leadership, guidance and immediate action.
Popular news in AmericaS.
The drone shot down 2019 NBA Draft rookie police and killed the women's World Cup. Many local governments across New Jersey are also taking formal steps to "go green ".
Some examples: Westwood, New YorkJ.
They're converting their police car into gasoline. saving hybrids.
Austin, Texas plans to power all cities
By 2020, buildings with renewable energy needed new units
Families will do the same in ten years. Warwick, R. I.
Has uses more efficient LED lights in all traffic signals.
Former Vice President Al Gore deserves credit for raising awareness of the idea --
With the support of many scientists
According to Anne Strickler, a spokeswoman for Oakland, California, people's activities are responsible for global warming. -based U. S.
Office of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.
The organization of the United StatesS.
Members of local governments trying to be more sensitive to the environment have almost doubled in the past year.
Cynthia McCollin, president of the national Cities Alliance, member of the Madison City Council, Alabama.
The jurisdiction of the city gives them good reason to think green, he said.
"We control the building code," she said . "
She noted that in most places, local governments have control over roads and planning regulations.
McCollum's organization is lobbying Congress to allocate $2 billion a year to help local governments implement environmental protection programs.
"I think it's a good thing that towns are at least talking about green," said Peter Kasabach, New Jersey's future executive director for promoting sustainable land --use planning.
"The concept of green environmental protection has become the mainstream.
Cherry Hill is not entirely granola.
You may expect towns that work hard for Green.
Before it became Cherry Hill, it was a small town in Delaware, mainly farmland, with several suburban communities east of Camden and Philadelphia.
From the end of 1950, with the tide of pasture, the development of Division began
The level and the subsequent colonies, apartments and single houses were only until 1985, almost 24-per hand-
A town of square miles has been developed.
The population grew to about 70,000 and became one of the largest suburbs in New Jersey.
The town is famous for having the first large enclosed shopping center on the East Coast.
The Cherry Hill Mall opened in 1961, and in the same year the town changed its name to pick a name that matches the mall, which is still a shopping center.
Mayor Pratt, the funeral director who has long been involved in local politics, sees recycling as a way to save money.
The cost of transporting garbage to landfill sites is rising.
Township officials calculated that by using RecycleBank, a program that distributes gift certificates for residents in exchange for recycling, it could save $2 million in landfill fees over the next five years.
Lori Braun Stein, chairman of the sustainable Cherry Hill advocacy group, said Pratt is easy to sell on targets to reduce or even reduce carbon emissions, and scientists say carbon emissions cause global warming. The 10-
The point plan formulated by the township requires appropriate measures, such as the annual tree
Planting, and ambitious explorations such as providing incentives for builders to do the Earth-
Friendly building.
Some environmental problems in Cherry Hill may be more difficult to solve because of the spread
A natural environment in a suburb where people are prepared to commute by car.
"One of the challenges that remain is to be able to define green broadly enough," said Kasabach, New Jersey's future . ".
"How do people use their land and move around your town.
"His ideal is a relatively dense, walkable village surrounded by farms and green spaces and connected by public transport.
No description of the current situation
Cherry Hill during the day, or many suburbs that appear in New Jersey at the same time.
"The former planners of Cherry Hill have to take almost all responsibility," said Mayor Pratt . ".
"We have inherited this huge suburban community.
Pratt said he saw progress on the land. use front.
The old site of the Garden State Park racecourse is setting off a construction boom.
And part of the development is by the big-
Platt likes to point out that it operates the Box Shop in the ocean of the parking lot and is only a few steps away from the train station.
"It's a bit ironic for green, and it's one of the biggest examples of suburban expansion in the country," said Jeff tittle, executive director of the Sierra Club in New Jersey.
"If you can do this in Cherry Hill, you can do it anywhere.
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