metro-2b leaves 'smart bkc' plan in limbo - smart solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
metro-2b leaves \'smart bkc\' plan in limbo  -  smart solar street light
That's because the subway-
2B will pass through the BKC's central divider, the road's central divider, and it is proposed to install intelligent BKC functions in the MediaPoor Planning, which has enabled officials of the Mumbai Metropolitan Area Development Authority (BMDA). (MMRDA)
In a dilemma, two projects were proposed as institutions-
SMART BKC Project and DN NAGAR-BKC-Mandale Metro-2B project —
Conflicts forced it to reconsider previous projects.
Nearly three years after conceptualization, design and bidding for a project to renovate the Bandra-Korla complex(BKC)
Since MMRDA officials are aware of its proposed functions (such as WI), the project will remain on the edge of a small smart city. -
FI hotspots, solar street lights and advanced CCTV cameras must now make way for the proposed subway. -2B project.
That's because the subway-
2B will pass through the central dividing zone of BKC, that is, the central dividing zone of road. It is suggested that intelligent BKC function be installed on the central dividing zone.
This led to the adjustment of Metro lines. -
2B project conflicts with intelligent BKC plan.
"We are working on new designs and plans when we realize that the metro-
2B will pass the median value of BKC, and the public facilities of the Smart BKC project are also planned for the median value.
A senior MMRDA official said: "We must now plan the proposed utilities for the roadside intelligent BKC project. "
MMRDA officials added that after merging the required changes, the agency would soon issue new tenders for the project.
However, MMRDA officials claim that it has saved 30 million rupees by adjusting its design in advance, unlike a previous mistake. -up. The Metro-
The previous 2B project also clashed with the MMRDA project, which built a labyrinth overpass between BKC and Bandra. -
Worldi Sea connection and between BKC and Dharavi to cancel Kalanagar connection.
After awarding the project earlier this year, MMRDA adjusted the design of one of the overpasses because its contractors realized that the BKC branches of the overpass were crisscrossed. -
Cross the route of the proposed subway corridor.
Meanwhile, as early as the end of 2015, MMRDA has tendered for the project and awarded it to Reliance Infrastructure Corporation for the design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of about 75 million rupees. However, R-
Infra withdrew from the project in August 2016, claiming that it had not received any formal notification or letter of intent from MMRDA.
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