meet stella, the solar powered car that drives 500 miles on a single charge - and warns you when traffic lights will change - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-16
meet stella, the solar powered car that drives 500 miles on a single charge - and warns you when traffic lights will change  -  solar energy traffic lights
A solar-
Electric Home cars have completed a fully sun-driven drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco-
A journey covering nearly 385 miles (619km).
The car, known as Stella, can travel 500 miles (800 km)
Clock speeds up to 80 miles/hour on a single charge (130 km).
Prototype four-
Seater has solar cells on its roof that provide power while driving, and it also has a tablet that tracks traffic lights.
The car was built by a group called Solar Tam Eindhoven, which is located at the University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Stella's recent journey is to reach the center of Los Angeles along California's scenic Pacific Coast Highway. A.
Stella's creators hope their cars will one day enter mass production and become a common sight on the road. The 1. 5-
Thousands of watts of solar panels on the top of the car for about £ 2,600 ($4,260)
For production, power the lithium ion battery of the car.
At the back of the car, the panels can be lifted up to reveal the boots, and according to takepart, other novel things include the steering wheel that will inflate when the user is driving too fast, when they are driving too slowly, they will sign the contract.
Weight 855lbs (390kg)and is 15ft (4. 6 metres)
Long, and the body is made of carbon fiber.
Its aerodynamic shape also helps to increase mileage.
But the car is less than 4ft (1. 2 metres)
Very high, so it's a bit crowded to get in.
Stella can even communicate with other cars.
In one example, it passes traffic information to the nearby Tesla Model S.
It also extends to traffic lights.
The tablet screen inside the car will tell the driver how long it will take for the lights in front to turn red or green.
It was great to see all the people looking at us;
As we drove, we quickly took out their smartphones and took pictures, "said Lex Hoefsloot, manager of the Solar Team Eindhoven, whose car drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
"I think we caused some traffic jams and we were worried that some drivers would run into us while trying to take pictures.
Hoefsloot, one of the students at Eindhoven University of Technology, designed and built Stella where he grew up as a school-
The wide project, which won the World Solar Car Challenge in Australia in 2013.
In early September, Stella launched a trip to the United States at the World Congress of the Intelligent Transportation Association in Detroit.
The team drove to San Francisco to join the sponsors of NXP Semiconductor in the Netherlands to participate in an event focusing on the road becoming safer in the future, and air pollution is also reduced as a traffic signal by cars "talking" to each other
We think it's possible to make these cars and put them in the showroom in five to ten years, but it's a big dream and we have to really work hard, Hoefsloot said.
Stella's technology is not new, and if solar cars are big --
Produced like a gas
According to the student, they can afford the same expensive model. But big auto-
Manufacturers have very little contact with the team because they think it's too far --
Hoefsloot told AFP it was incredible.
Of course we don't think so, he said.
This is the first home car powered by solar, and it doesn't have a home yet.
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