malibu 6-1/2″ solar powered led flood landscape lights: product review - solar powered flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
malibu 6-1/2″ solar powered led flood landscape lights: product review  -  solar powered flood lights
Before Christmas, we used solar energy to illuminate our landscape. We decided to buy a Malibu 61/2 solar LED floodlight to save energy and make it more environmentally friendly.
We went through the Louis and bought a set of Meibao 6. -
1/2 "Sunlight floodlight landscape lamp".
This solar product is equipped with a solar panel and three light-emitting diodes. (LED)
A floodlight, the necessary screw to fix it to a wooden surface, and a large number of wires to connect the lamp to the solar panel.
We decided to put them on the back porch to increase visibility and security.
My husband says it's easy to install.
Solar LED lamps are equipped with rechargeable batteries and easy to install.
However, my husband had some difficulty tightening the screw on the solar panel, so it tended to slip to an undesirable angle.
Nevertheless, solar panels charge batteries during the day, and LED lights turn on on time.
Solar LED lamp: not on, but effective. The light emitted by solar LED floodlights is a little dark and light blue.
It's not very bright, but it's enough to light up our little terrace.
I really like this feature, which allows the lights to turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically when the sun comes out in the morning.
There were many ropes in the lamp, but none of them stood out because my husband tied them together and pinned them under the cover of the terrace with a pin.
I'm glad to know that if we want the LED lights to be far apart from each other, we can do that.
In fact, we chose to put them together.
Anyway, they seem to be versatile.
Over time, the performance of solar lamps is quite good.
But batteries seem to lose power over time, which makes the light dimmer.
For best results, you may need to replace batteries every year.
A high quality solar LED lighting product can save you money. These solar LED lights cost only $34. 95 per package.
If you want, you can buy several packages and install one package at a time.
This fits our needs, because we don't want to spend too much money on a large solar installation kit, which will ultimately be difficult to install.
It also gives us a chance to try out solar lights without huge investments.
We plan to buy some more LED floodlights and install them in front of the house.
In my opinion, these solar lamps are a good investment.
Solar floodlights provide light for our homes for months without any extra cost.
Nearly a year later, the development of LED lamps and rechargeable batteries is still strong.
They show no signs of need to be replaced.
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