malcolm: energy schemes siphon power away from liberals - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
malcolm: energy schemes siphon power away from liberals  -  solar energy traffic lights
Congratulate the people of Ontario on voting for the worst government in Canadian history.
15 years after being ruled by incompetent busynessbodies (
Deadly combination)
Voters in Ontario finally woke up and drove the Liberals out.
Under the free reign of Ontario, the province not only slipped from "must" to "must"
In Canada's old redistribution system, the Liberal Party has accumulated more debt than any other branch.
The national government on this planet
Young and future taxpayers in Ontario face $350 billion in distress over the withdrawal of liberalsof-
Control of government spending, control of incompetence, and criminal activities that send internal personnel to prison. Literally.
Repayment of provincial debt interest is already the third largest expense in the budget.
Only the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education have better funding than the debt department in Ontario.
The free government of Ontario should be charged with committing crimes against taxpayers.
Perhaps the most serious fiscal crime for the liberators is the launch of what they call the "Green Energy Act," a disastrous plan that led to a spike in electricity prices and drove away businesses across the province, many struggling families have been further impoverished.
Liberals designed a plan to subsidize their friends with taxpayers' money
It is called "green energy industry" to save the Earth.
The Liberals have promised voters that they are paving the way for a new economy and will soon be a model for the world.
Instead, Ontario has become a poster child for a disastrous, dysfunctional system-a warning that other left-wing governments are considering interfering with their own green energy programs.
Under the plan, the Liberal Party closed coal energy plants in the province and tried to replace them with highly subsidized, highly unreliable wind and solar energy.
It is foreseeable that wind and solar energy weigh less than they do and cannot provide enough energy, and the free government has to scramble to build a new gas plant to make up for the difference
These natural gas plants are increasingly unpopular, but the Liberal Party has promised to build them.
Then, in 2012 provincial elections, the Liberal Party didface.
They announced that they would cancel the gas plant built in the Liberal Party building.
The party's decision-which helped the Liberal Party win the election-earned taxpayers $2 --billion tab.
In the 2014 election, Liberal deception once again helped the party win another majority.
Prime Minister Catherine Wayne did not mention the carbon tax in the campaign, but announced the devastating tax shortly after his election.
Ontario used to be the engine of Canada's economy, and today there are a series of problems in the province.
Doug Ford and Progressive Conservatives cut jobs for them and it's not easy to get the books sorted out.
Not only do they face a lifetime of financial challenges, digging Ontario out of the deficit and cutting debt, they will have to figure out how to undo the 15-year dishonest energy program.
Ontario has taken a big step toward fiscal sanity in electionsto-
Earth merchants are committed to abolishing the questionable carbon tax and sorting out the province's finances.
As for the Liberal Party, their position in Queen's Park has been weakened.
They did not get enough votes to get formal party status.
Farewell to the Liberals in Ontario.
May they never come back
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