lucknow's traffic lights go for a toss; 4 out of 36 functional | lucknow news - times of india - solar traffic light system

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lucknow\'s traffic lights go for a toss; 4 out of 36 functional | lucknow news - times of india  -  solar traffic light system
Lucknow: to simplify and manage traffic in the city, the traffic lights in the state capital are just a pole, usually behind the canopy.
As a benchmark for a fast-growing city, the city's traffic lights system is actually in trouble.
According to the traffic department's records, there are 4 traffic lights in 36 points (crossings)
The city is at work.
Due to improper maintenance of traffic lights by the Transportation Department and Lucknow Municipal company, this special situation has taken control of the city (LMC).
As a result, most of them stopped working for a while.
Also, quite a few traffic lights went off after the contract expired this year.
Since then, most of them have been left with their fate.
"In the absence of traffic lights, the traffic system must be controlled manually.
Police officers at the Crossroads will only rest during shifts.
He has no room to lose his attention.
"Mistakes, traffic flow out of control," said an official in the transportation department . ".
As seen at all major transit points in the city.
When the rainy season comes, the traffic police will disappear and let the traffic run on their own. “It depends.
We still control the traffic, at least where there are sheds at the intersections . "
And the superintendent (traffic)
Sadhana Goswami did not comment, and a good location source for the department said a series of letters had been written to LMC to set up traffic lights in sequence.
According to sources, a group of officials from Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC)
Recently, severe data on the dysfunction of urban traffic lights were collected.
On the LMC side, it has been receiving complaints about repeated failures at traffic lights in the city.
At many intersections, only the yellow lights are flashing and the traffic is controlled by the police.
"There are places where you can't track even if you want to track the traffic lights.
If you follow the lights, you will be caught by the police for violating the traffic rules!
The railroad employee, Rama Kant Srivastava, said he was referring to the Royal Hotel and Burlington crossing near Hussain Anji.
At the same time, Lucknow Municipal Corporation claims to have a detailed plan in place to address the widespread confusion.
SK Jain, who is in charge of the transportation department of LMC, said, "the company has reached an agreement with Ghaziabad --
A private company responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic lights.
According to him, about 60 solar traffic lights will be installed in six months.
"Most of the traffic lights are old and unusable.
"We need to completely replace them," he said . ".
Jain said that at Hazratganj and Faizabad Road (
Close to Lekhraj Market).
For this purpose, 19 such crossing points were identified in the capital.
The updated traffic light system follows.
The state government has developed a "traffic improvement plan" for Lucknow and Kanpur ".
Under this system, the state government and Delhi
Base City Rail Transit Co. , Ltd (UMTC)
Study the traffic conditions in the two cities and propose measures for immediate improvement.
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