lights-out movement gathers momentum - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-22
lights-out movement gathers momentum  -  solar panel traffic lights
The surge in interest in Earth Hour-with Canadians in the world's leaders-has made organizers scrambling to add a new computer server to cope with people's crazy activities for Saturday night's event.
"This site can't keep up with demand," said Tara Wood, public relations manager at the World Wildlife Fund Canada.
Canada has maintained a strong position in the global official logo
Despite being behind the US, there are still ups on site.
"I hope Canadians can take the lead again," Wood said . ".
Canada ranked first last week, but is now behind the United States. S.
About 2,000 people officially promised through Earth Hour nearly 55,000 people.
Org, turn off their lights from 8 to 9m. Saturday.
However, Australia ranked first among 420 applicants per capita;
Canada has one in 606, and the United States has one in the year. S. one in 5,347.
Wood said the GTA's enthusiasm was amazing, and as of the middle of last week, 15,000 people had signed up for the competition.
The rush made it impossible for organizers to gather in the latest City --by-city numbers.
"I think there is a good chance that we will be world leaders.
"I think Sydney will be our biggest competitor," she said . ".
"They have participated in an exercise before.
"Last year, when Earth Hour began in Sydney, an estimated 2 million people attended, of which only 50,000 officially signed up.
Most participants will not sign up online this time.
The real impact will be measured by the amount of energy conservation on Saturday night.
Nevertheless, Kasia Wallis, online manager of the Australian WWF, which maintains the site, said by phone last night that officials were overwhelmed by interest around the world.
Website traffic doubled every two days.
"We never dreamed that we had never expected such a demand," said Wallis . ".
"But it's a good thing-a great thing.
We are very excited.
"Toronto's plans for Saturday night include a free concert at Nathan Phillips Square, led by Nelly Furtado, starting at 6: 45. m.
The tent for Fashion Week came down yesterday and was replaced by a stage.
Several tests have been conducted this week to ensure that the lights at the Town Hall are off at 8 in the evening. m.
With the addition of many businesses, it is expected that the city's skyline will disappear after Furtado hosts an acoustic concert including her popular song "Turn Off the Lights.
Wood said: "Canada's desire to reduce environmental impact is evident in the number of cities-more than 150-which have shown that they will reduce the use of electricity that night.
Michel Fortier, a 25-year-old in Toronto, said he knew a few months ago that he would attend as soon as he heard about it.
But turning off the lights was just the beginning, he said.
"I'm very excited about it.
This is a great cause and I will turn everything off that day.
"After learning about construction, Fujie dreams of building solar panels and wind turbines for industrial buildings.
Earth Hour made him more aware of what he could do-such as recycling more energy every day and reducing power usage.
"It's too simple and different," Fortier said . ".
Facebook now has over 500 Earth hours.
According to an online survey conducted last week by Angus Reid, 70 Canadians plan to participate. -
Nick Prentice's file is dark but not empty. On Saturday night, the show will continue as usual at the milvesh theater-Royal Alexandra, Prince of Wales and Canon-but their usually clever Marquis is closed within an hour of the Earth.
MirvishProductions points out that in the theater world, using "thousands of bulbs to create a gorgeous and exciting environment for customers" is an old tradition, although otherwise the entertainment circle is in terms of the environment
"Businesses employ hundreds of people every night to produce products that are not a one-time product that pollutes the environment, but an inspiring, inspiring, exploratory and spiritual experience of value.
"Along this street, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra will perform in the Hall of Roy Thomson, where the lights are dim and the lights outside are out.
The Taragon theater also closed its tent and set up a "green" committee.
The golden arch will not shine on Saturday night.
McDonald's across Canada plans to darken the signs and roof beams in the Earth Hour while serving customers.
This alone can save 10,000 KW.
Hours-a typical Canadian family's electricity value for a year.
"We are very happy to participate in this environmental awareness event, not only because of Deng-
"The components of the restaurant are also a chain reaction to get 77 000 employees across the country to do their part," said senior vice president Laurie lekish . ".
The chain said it had saved 3.
1 million kilowatts-
It lasts for several hours by improving lighting, heating and ventilation.
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