lights dim on a glowing custom : a myriad of distinctive, decorative street lights was a trademark of los angeles, but their presence has dimmed as progress and practicality have taken the spotlight. - solar street light design

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lights dim on a glowing custom : a myriad of distinctive, decorative street lights was a trademark of los angeles, but their presence has dimmed as progress and practicality have taken the spotlight.  -  solar street light design
Naked Legion-
Over the years, women's breasts on Wilshire's Boulevard have shrunk to hundreds. Some have been washed away by cars, some by the elderly, and some by developers. The seldom-noticed Greek-Sculpture--
Known as the "Wilshire specialty"--
It is situated on decorative lamp posts 20 feet above the ground, dating back at least to the 1920s.
"We found some references to them in our records, but they're a bit mysterious," said George Eslinger, director of the Urban Street Lighting Bureau.
"We don't know who designed it.
The bare lighthouse stretches from Figueroa Street to MacArthur Park, reminiscent of the city bathed in the soft glow of more than 250 styles of decorative street lights.
"The focus was on beauty, not security," Eslinger said.
"Every developer wants-
The street lights near his house look very similar.
You can still see streetlights like torches, lanterns, acorns, teardrops, and stars on Hollywood Avenue.
Redwood lamp posts mingle with hedges on Brownson Avenue in the middle. -Wilshire area.
In the streets around the Olympic Avenue and the City Hall in the center of the city, dragon-shaped brackets support transparent spheres.
Eddie Feldman, author of The Art of Street Lighting in Los Angeles, said: "They make it fun to walk down the street. "
"More effective models, but like Wilshere's bronze girls, many old people-
In recent years, the traditional lighting has been replaced by the gray curve lamp. -
Cervical animals known as cobras-
Head, it can release more light at a lower cost.
"They look like invading monsters in the movie World War II," City Councilor John Ferraro said ruthlessly.
Twenty years later, however, the cobra invaded. -
The head began to suffer resistance.
Residents in Western Los Angeles and the Felice area of Los Angeles have been persuaded by protests to abandon plans to dismantle poles with grooved shafts and acorns. -shaped globes.
In addition, City Councillor Wu Yusen also asked about the streets. -
The Lighting Bureau will study the idea of replicating old styles, which will be more dynamic. -
More efficient than their predecessors.
At Ferraro's urging, the historic block and Council designated Windsor Square near Hancock Park as the city's first historic streetlight district.
The city will renovate and re-paint green decorative lamp posts with the "W/S" sign, and residents will pay extra fees through special assessment. The cobra-
They do have supporters on their heads.
Wu Yu-sen's office conducts a public opinion survey of residents at any time when considering street light conversion. It turns out that residents of both Los Feliz communities want to adopt modern standards.
Larry Kaplan, Wu's spokesman, said: "Their feeling is that the light will get better and that it will be a deterrent to crime. "
"And because they are more energy-efficient, their streets-
A lighter Assessment Bill would be more stable.
"Even the writer Feldman admits that the old, upward-turning species, though they may be pleasant to see," except for the sky, they do not have much light.
"My tea is almost ready, the sun has left the sky;
It's time to open the window and see Lily passing by.
Every night at tea, before you take your seat, he comes down the street with lanterns and ladders. --
Robert Louis Stevenson's The Lighting Device is a highly respected figure of another era.
In the 1960s, many Angelinos were proud of their youth. -
An old rider, in the spirit of a Spanish jockey, galloped through the city every night, stopped and stood on his stirrup to light every gas lamp.
In the 1980s, lighting machines were not popular.
There are several artifacts in Eslinger's office, including a mirror pierced by nine bullet holes.
"Let's take pictures," he said. Obviously, he meant more than one thing.
One of the problems with public relations, he says, is that "many people seem to think of you. "(the city)
Owe us street lights and you(the city)
This should be paid for.
He pointed out that street lights were not paid by general taxes, but by special assessments.
If residents want the elderly to be older, less efficient and more difficult to get along with-to-
Keep the lights on, and then their assessment will be higher.
Dark streets have also raised concerns about the responsibility of cities in the event of accidents or crimes.
"This is a very intense lawsuit. -
A conscious society, "says Eslinger.
This brings the conversation to the cobra. -heads.
I don't like the word "cobra"-
"Chief," the director said.
"I prefer'horizontally mounted lamps', but. . . . " He shrugs--
Street lights against the world.
Cobras around the city are highly equipped-
Pressure sodium lamp, which uses less electricity and distributes light more efficiently.
Last year, the city's water and electricity sector's light bills amounted to $15 million.
Eslinger says cobras have helped save about $7 million.
In addition to their reptile corpses, their yellow light troubles some residents.
"Bug lights" and "cell block yellow" are two less pleasant descriptions.
"We call our peaches or champagne," said Eslinger.
He pointed out that some cities, such as Long Beach, had low use. -
Pressure sodium, which is monochrome, makes everything colorless in its glow.
"But high-pressure sodium," says Eslinger, "you can tell colours.
"Indeed, when he stepped on the dwarf's feet-sized cobra-
The headlight in his office is on, and his blue tie looks blue. Street lights--
There are about 220,000 people in this city. --
Replacement for various reasons.
On average, two or three cars are crashed by a car every day, just like Benny's taxi character in the movie Who Trapped Roger Rabbit.
"Light standards of poor quality have also been replaced by cobras. -
Rotate the head of the plan.
"We're trying to see that every parliamentary district gets a fair percentage," Eslinger said.
Others have been replaced as required.
On one occasion, street lamps were made of blue and yellow tiles. --UCLA's colors--
The streets of Westwood are much better.
At present, there are only two observation decks outside the meeting room of the Board of Directors of Public Works of the City Hall. The blue-and-
In the 1960s, whites were expelled from Westwood and replaced by Gray and Hydra. -
The Title standard is installed.
"Westwood decided to have the best-
Lighting up the business community in the world, it may be, "Eslinger said.
Insurance Supervisor and Cobra-
In 1914, Hater Michael Cornwell produced a real estate advertisement for Windsor Square, promoting "streets and parking lots" in the area and displaying decorative "W/S" lampposts.
Over the past five years, Cornwell and others have tried to avoid installing modern lights in their time. -
Hancock Park, near Wilshire.
"I don't think you need street lights to be that bright. You can read a paperback book in the middle of the street," said Conwell.
"Cobras make this street look like a second-hand road. -car lot.
Another feeling is when a street ends. -
When it's on, the car accelerates on it.
Now, the region is a historic streetlight district, and public hearings are scheduled to take place next month on a proposal to renovate more than 100 "W/S" standards.
In addition, Globe-
Type lights on cement poles will be installed on currently unlighted streets.
Residents will have to invest an additional $398,000 in the assessment.
Author Feldman sees the battle in Windsor Square as an example of changing people's attitudes towards street lights.
When he worked for the Municipal Arts Committee(
Now it's the Committee on Cultural Affairs.
In the 1960s, "a man from a street lamp. "(bureau)
Page after page of old street lights, they want to wipe them clean, but the attitude is more or less like this, if the street lights say that they must be taken out, then they must be taken out.
"Now, Feldman says," people have noticed the aesthetic characteristics of these lights.
"The attitude of the Street Lighting Bureau has also changed.
Recently, the Bureau signed a contract with a foundry to produce five kinds of aluminium. -
Foundry replicas of Wilshire's specials, which have been painted in colours that match the original version.
Eslinger said that the manuscript "has such historic and unique qualities", so the Bureau has formulated a policy to preserve the manuscript for as long as possible. If the manuscript is desperately damaged, it will resort to copies.
Aluminium bracket-
Dick Lucas, deputy director of immigration, said the agency was ready, but not necessary.
"We didn't knock at the door. -down (
By car)
He said.
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