lighting up urban areas, with led - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
lighting up urban areas, with led  -  integrated solar led street light
Projects to install energy-saving LED street lamps in Kochi, Atinga and Malaplan have been initiated by the state government.
It is being accepted by the public. -
As part of the Nagara Jyothi Plan under the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project, the Private Participation Model.
Detailed project report(DPR)
It is compiled by the institutions selected through the open invitation letter of intent.
A senior official related to the project told Hindus that a month ago, the relevant agencies invited bidders to prepare for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and the government was waiting for the final decision of the selection process.
He said that current research would bring the possibility of attracting private investment in the distribution sector.
Choose citizen groups to carry out pilot projects, with the aim of including different types of self-
The governing body.
Kochi will represent the five companies, while Malaplan will be considered the representative of the first-class city.
Atinga will represent secondary and tertiary municipalities.
Detailed project reports currently being prepared will be revised by others themselves. -
If necessary, the management body.
The government intends to extend the project to all municipalities and businesses.
The project is supported by Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. , a joint venture of public sector units. (PSUs)
Ministry of Electricity, which participates in the energy conservation plan.
Effective demand-
Side management of electricity will help save a lot of electricity.
Seek appropriate tools to reduce power loss in street lighting.
According to EESL estimates, the overall size of the energy efficiency market is Rs. 74,000 crore.
Only five percent of the market is developed through energy services companies. (ESCO)
Street lighting and some industrial applications.
As an effective mechanism, ESCO mode is integrated into distribution system to overcome financing obstacles faced by local autonomy. -governments.
EESL is a joint venture of NTPC Co. , Ltd. , Electric Power Finance Co. , Ltd. , Rural Electrification Co. , Ltd. and Indian Power Grid Co. , Ltd. It is establishing a feasible ESCO distribution mode.
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