life in the loud lane - solar flood lights outdoor

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life in the loud lane  -  solar flood lights outdoor
Four boys from Chennai found themselves standing on the stage.
The floodlights are bright, and the audience is in high energy and the Alps provide a beautiful background.
More than 3,000 people looked at them, and they were quite sure they were the only Indians in the vicinity.
This is not surprising, however, because they performed Harley Davidson's annual official band in Austria during the European Cycling Week.
"A little lady at the security check thought we were going to play Barngra.
We told her it was just a cliche.
Indians also like to play rock and roll, "said Vivian Cananda, Chennai's chief guitarist. -
Base Band, Gray House.
Most of the other bands at the concert were part of Harley's concert tour.
The boys are new and the only band outside Europe. They say they are interested in where they come from and how to get into the concert.
The band was formed in 2007 by Vikram and Rohan Sen, who were students at Madras Christian College, and since then they have grown up from happy rock music. -and-
The rolling tune becomes a primitive, avant-garde voice.
They performed on the stage in Chennai and made several bars. -and-
Bar performances in four southern states.
In early 2013, they participated in an online competition called Harley Find Your Freedom and were selected by Rolling Stone India for the final stop of the Harley Rock Riders Tour in Mumbai.
With the drums of Kim Karajan and the bass of Ravendranate, they won the last match and in turn got the chance to play their first international show last week.
The boys said they played a group of 11 original songs, and although the audience had never heard their music before, they were asked to repeat it.
Lead singer Rohan said: "It's easy for audiences to accept new sounds and music, which is quite different from playing in a bar in Chennai, where people usually want us to play the cover. "
Their performances were followed by the British blues rock band, moderation and everyone in Britain. -
Female rock band, Joanovarc.
They even managed to meet Deborah Bonham, the sister of John Bonham, the late drummer of the Zeppelin Zeppelin Airship Band.
The boys announced with ecstasy that Deborah had given drummer Ramkumar a chance to play with her on the stage.
"All of us adore the Zeppelin airship, which is the only link in our lives so far.
"There's a good atmosphere around," Vikram announced happily.
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