liberal wind scam - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
liberal wind scam  -  solar energy traffic lights
Anyone who has studied the Ontario free government's failed experiment in wind power knows what a financial and social disaster it is.
How billions of taxpayers and hydro clients are being wasted and will continue to be wasted in the coming decades, because former Liberal prime minister Dalton McGinty's naive mistake in wind power is now fully supported by Prime Minister Catherine Wayne.
How it caused the surge in water and electricity bills and the loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs in Ontario.
A 2011 report by then auditor general Jim McCarter (Jim McCarter) recorded how the government rushed into the wind energy field without any business plan, and even ignored
So the Ontario are now stuck in 20 years of paying ridiculous high prices for inefficient and unreliable wind power, and ironically, it still needs the support of fossil fuel energy, meaning natural gas.
That means the company's gas plant scandal has cost taxpayers and water and electricity taxpayers as much as $1. 1 billion —
According to reports from McCarter and current Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk
It is also part of a waste of wind energy left over by liberators.
In fact, when the Liberals tell us that they are replacing coal with wind and solar, they are actually replacing it with nuclear and natural gas.
Wind energy cannot replace coal because it cannot provide basic load power to the grid on demand.
That's why the Liberals are frantically building new gas plants, even though they impose and continue to impose unwanted wind turbines in rural communities in Ontario.
Mcgindy canceled the five-seat Liberal Party Oakville in the 2011 general election for local unpopular souga and gas equipment preservation, and we now know that the cost could be as high as $0. 22 billion to buy a ride on public funds.
A new documentary by Rebecca Thompson of Sun News Network, downwind: How Ontario's green dream turns into a nightmare-
On Wednesday, June 4, at 8: 00 P. M. m. and 11 p. m. —
A powerful and concise explanation of the arduous nature of the Liberator's wind power disaster.
The surge in media production explains that we are wasting and will continue to waste billions of dollars in public money.
Environmental benefits of existence
The free myth of wind and solar replacing contaminated coal
Electricity Supply in Ontario. Nonsense.
One of Thompson's respondents accurately said that wind turbines "do not run by wind and run by subsidies ".
Thompson is convincing about how an evil alliance of free government insiders, wind energy industry developers, is --
Environmental activists and Gulf Street Investors Join Handsin-
Gloves impose wind turbines on unsuspecting agricultural and rural communities in Ontario.
How those who are trying to fight back are shattered by the liberal dictatorship green energy law, which denies planning rights to local municipalities.
How do we not need expensive and unreliable wind power, both because there is a huge energy glut in Ontario and because wind developers have to pay for their energy in the first place, when we dump or export cheap green water and electricity at a loss.
How the reported health status relates to hundreds of affected residents because of sound, vibration, low
Frequency noise and shadow flashing of wind turbinesup to 50-
The floor is very high. Many of them are only 550 away from the house.
It was suppressed by the government.
The symptoms include insomnia, nausea, migraine, palpitations, which the Ontario government does not take for granted, although Ottawa has conducted a major study of the so-called "wind turbine syndrome.
"The most powerful shot in the downwind comes from ordinary Ontario people --
Some people are forced to leave their homes.
Their stories are often reduced to tears, bitterness and anger.
One day, they live a quiet life in rural Ontario, almost overnight, how they get into nightmares, as wind power companies build turbines by leasing some of the owner's land, at the same time, other people's concerns were treated rudely, thus turning neighbors into neighbors.
For me, the wind power disaster in Ontario has always been the story of a city where greed, ignorance, arrogance, and false eco-friendly overpower rural interests.
Smug, stylish, hypocritical Toronto dent-
The core components of Wayne (
His experience with CNE wind turbines is limited to one
Ignorant accusations of neighborhood avoidance in rural communities (Like mcgindy).
Downwind exposed all of this with the most terrible reality.
The Liberals have gone too far and will never admit that they are wrong if we re-
If you choose them, they will double their wind disaster.
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