letters to the editor - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-19
letters to the editor  -  solar panel traffic lights
Labor spokesman Scott Bacon wants to see the government's Lake model, which is fair enough, but rocket science is not.
Basslink did not return until June, if the current natural gas, diesel and industrial arrangements continue, if the rainfall increases to 60 of the normal level from April, then the lake water level will rise, by the end of April, it will reach 18 percentage points and 22 percentage points in 5 months.
With effect from July, the return of Basslink will allow the closure of natural gas and diesel and the end of industrial load reductions.
Even if the rainfall reaches, we will return to the lake water level on September --October 2015. And guess what?
If the energy managers haven't changed their strategy by then, if the chips fall again, we can do it again in 2017.
How stupid and disgusting can politics be?
The current attack on Energy Minister Matthew Groom is as low as possible, and he is considered to be the reason for running out of dam storage.
No constructive suggestions were made, only personal attacks.
Families should be encouraged to invest in solar panels by restoring previously attractive tariff payments. 5.
There is not much incentive for 4c/kWhr, but 28 cents.
It should be realized that power outages will also cut off feedback from solar panels on the system, which is frustrating for some of us because they can't get into our roof to generate electricity directly through Aurora Energy.
The power supply problem in the state of Tasmania is serious, which requires some positive thinking and action, rather than critical, empty criticism.
The Examiner is concerned about the health and accumulation of silt in the Tamar estuary and the restoration of natural flow along the natural river of the South Esk River to solve this problem is problematic.
Do we have scientific baseline data on the health status, silt content and conditions of the Tamar estuary before the construction of the Trevallyn Dam, or on the natural state at the time of settlement in Europe?
I believe that the Trevallyn Dam and the power station were planned and built out of good faith and reasonable reasoning.
If not, do we have records or any objections on the record or on the examiner's file?
People who buy a house or re-use it around the Trevallyn Dam are not happy to see it shrink or disappear completely.
Not to mention the water that naturally flows south from the Central Highlands.
A solution is to build a new, modern and efficient Hydropower Station of equal capacity or better capacity on the South Esk River below the existing dam wall, use the same amount of water that is now flowing through the dam to humansmade Tailrace.
Whether or not this solution can solve the silt problem, improve the water quality, or restore the estuary to a suspicious pre-
The condition of the dam, as mentioned above, is problematic.
Launceston City Council does not consider it a priority to keep rates as low as possible.
The spread of chewing gum in the CBD needs to be reversed, or cleaned with a high-pressure hose.
There is no need to build new sidewalks or change the direction of traffic.
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