letters to the editor | april 9, 2019 - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
letters to the editor | april 9, 2019  -  solar panel traffic lights
This letter is addressed to runners/joggers and cyclists who insist on using our public roads without adequate lighting, HI
Basic common sense is not followed.
I passed by bike yesterday morning. West of Carrick)
He insisted on riding at seven.
40am without lights, reflector or hi-vis clothing.
As a driver of the East Sun, the cyclists are very good --
Almost invisible until the distance of 3050 metres.
Last Thursday, he hit the road in a fog without lights.
I met a jogger last night. red shoes)on the left-
On the Road to Westbury, run on asphalt and walk to the sun.
As I pointed out to him, the traffic behind him approached at an hourly speed of 80 kilometers, with sunshine in their eyes --
They did not see him until the last moment.
Now, if any of these people have a desire to die, it can continue, but in me (
And other drivers)
Will not participate, will eventually
After we hit you with our vehicle, we are under traumatic stress for the rest of our lives because we can't see you.
Otherwise, please use common sense, lights, hi-
Vis gear and reflector.
You may only have a small chance of survival.
I just read the waste science report commissioned by the Wilderness Society.
It shocked reading.
In fact, in areas designated as regional forest agreements, there is no protection for customary and endangered species throughout Tasmania and Australia.
The report lists several pages of threatened and endangered species, many of which have a small number.
It is not unreasonable for Australia to lead the world in terms of extinction and habitat loss.
Yes, more land is cleared here than the Amazon rainforest.
We Australians prefer the iconic species of extinction.
Take a look at how proud we are of the Tasmanian tiger logo.
It won't take long for us to proudly display the symbol of the Tasmania wedge --
Tail eagles, fast parrots, and giant freshwater crayfish, whose ghosts haunt the clear waters.
Used to be one of the most unique and precious habitats in the world.
Refer to theon's 16-page article of March 22. Shame.
We have youth and maturity.
The elderly unemployed walking on the street are looking for opportunities to learn skills and get permanent employment.
We also have people who think unemployment benefits are their employers.
Why neither the state nor the federal government can launch a project to achieve the above goals
People mentioned have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to meet this important need?
I suggest the above-
The people mentioned will have a good command of the English required for these professions.
Helena Leto of grindwald seems to want to get rid of all the elderly by euthanasia.
For one person, I will not agree, because no matter what diseases I may suffer, I hope to live for the rest of my life.
In my book, the early death of the elderly is definitely not a problem.
The problem is I'm not a rat.
I think for myself.
About three times a week, I drove through a new lot.
Smith parking.
I am very confident that someone in the City Council will see the North-
The roof is an ideal place to install solar panels, which can power charging stations for electric vehicles.
I hope there is nothing wrong with this confidence.
If so, I hope that the people there will be inspired to follow up on this novel idea.
At the same time, just put the panel in. Your editorial. April 2)was spot on.
Soon we will get dizzy by a pile of partitions.
All we hear is "we may do this" and "we may do this ".
The Polly family will never say they will.
Hey you guys, whether you're wearing a blue tie or a red tie, think about the more important changes.
Our disgusting River. of-
The date sewer and a bridge from the river to the north exit, through the Mowbray link road, to name just a few.
If Hobart can buy a bridge, so can we.
Northern voters have repeatedly decided who will win the government.
So, how about running for a more important issue than bowing and apologizing to your leader?
On my recent water bill, the prescribed average cost of 71 cents per day does not include fixed charges.
The total cost per day is over $3, about $320 in 99 days, and over $1200 per year.
Please do not mislead customers.
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