kids facts about solar energy - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
kids facts about solar energy  -  solar energy traffic lights
Solar defines me to sit down with my kids and talk to them about cheap solar energy, friendly to the environment and for a long time.
Solar energy is vital to our planet and technology needs to be widely used.
I explained to my children that they need to understand solar energy because it plays a huge role in the future.
At first I wasn't sure if my child understood what I thought about solar energy.
I thought, "How can I talk to my kids about solar energy?
How can I make it interesting for them to know and understand the theme of solar energy?
"Perhaps some classrooms have raised the issue as a discussion or science project.
But I think it's important to talk to my kids about solar energy.
I decided to make it as simple as possible, not too complicated.
I just need to know where to find more information and find out how to explain solar energy at the child's level of understanding.
How does solar work?
I bought a book about solar energy to read to my son called "Sunshine run: How does solar energy work?
When I read it to him, I also learned solar energy.
When there is danger ahead, there is a solar road that lights up-
Like animals on the road.
Tiny solar chips carefully placed in the eyes of people help blind people see.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to teach kids solar energy.
Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy si proposed solar energy while driving and family dinners with my children.
We talk about the environment and how solar energy plays a key role in keeping the Earth clean and free from environmental impurities.
I explain the environmental impurities.
We talk about the sun as clean energy compared to biofuels.
Instead of saying "biofuels", I kept it simple and explained how bad it was to use biofuels.
I explained that gasoline or oil is not clean energy.
It comes from the ground and Burns chemicals into the air, while the sun is not dirty and the air is clean.
The internet is full of information about solar energy.
I highly recommend going online and finding some awesome facts about solar energy that are very light, interesting and have little educational significance.
The latest information about alternative energy sources is available in magazines, newspapers and journals.
Browse through publications and find information about solar energy.
When you find an article or anything related to solar power, cut the clip and nail it to the refrigerator for everyone in the House to read.
The Science article found that using solar energy with my children would make them notice that solar energy does exist.
The more I say, the more they understand the value of solar energy.
Soon they brought me scientific articles on the subject
Especially my eldest daughter.
Bill Hurd is a university professor in Southern California.
He offered a course to install PVs as Hurd recognized that the solar industry is a growing area with more job opportunities in the future.
More work is a sign of substitutionenergy growth.
Your child may consider working in the field of alternative energy.
When President Obama subsidizes alternatives, it is not difficult to see the handwriting on the wall.
Energy in government buildings
You and your child can read the alternative careers website
Energy companies such as BP Alternative Energy and United Energy.
They are pushing people to help shape the energy industry on the planet.
Some of the work lists I have found are geologists, conversational program engineers, and water writers.
So Bill Hurd seems to be a smart, computing-savvy professor who knows that solar energy exists for our future.
Another way Johnny Depp Solar plans to get your child interested in solar energy is to mention that a celebrity does his part in solar energy.
Johnny Depp started with the Alice in Wonderland movie and the amazing beast: the crime of grindwald, and spent $3,000,000 on an island, there is no wire to extend to the remote islands of the Bahamas.
So, green-
He plans to power the island's home with solar and hydrogen.
Depp's way is better than using a diesel generator.
Diesel exhaust is a dangerous pollutant of fine particulate matter.
This will not only destroy the body's defense system, but also embed it in the deepest part of the lungs and destroy the growth of cells.
Diesel causes premature death, emergency room visits, admission to hospital, and asthma attacks.
Depp negotiated with Mike stritzki to help him build a system that generates some strength to satisfy his exuberant lifestyle.
Strizki is very familiar with the system because he built a system for his home in New Jersey.
You can click here to view the video of the strizki system s system :[
Http: Just like dedzki island s, the system on depp island s stores excess energy as hydrogen for a day and a night without the sun.
Storing hydrogen is a tricky thing because storing hydrogen in a small space is a terrible gas unless it is compressed.
The problem is that a small amount of energy comes from a large amount of hydrogen.
The solution is to put a lot of hydrogen in a very small space.
Strizki is not a bad idea to store hydrogen in a propane tank at home.
I believe that Depp and Strizki will address potential issues that may arise with the risk of solar and hydrogen power systems.
Its green is impressive and it sets a good example for the rest of us.
The fact that the children rise and fall every day.
It is clean, simple and free.
It's easy for me to explain this to my child and you can.
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