just one frickin' day is all it takes: fashion gives back - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-16
just one frickin\' day is all it takes: fashion gives back  -  solar energy traffic lights
I totally take infrastructure for granted.
Roads, highways, street signs, traffic lights. . .
These translate into effective communication, transportation and safety for citizens in most parts of the world.
What would an ambulance do if there were no suitable roads?
What will the hospital do without electricity?
This is hard to imagine for anyone-
People will think that it is more difficult to imagine for people like me who work in fashion.
To be honest, the reputation of the fashion industry is not exactly the same as that of humanitarian organizations.
But when I found out that a group of doctors and solar engineers were working together to build a solar Hospital in Burundi, I knew exactly who to turn to: seven well-known international designers.
We only have one day today.
A website dedicated to the access of some 60,000 Burundi people to energy and appropriate health care --
A small number of people from all over the world and from all walks of life gather together.
It all started in the spring of 2007, Bob Freling, founder of the solar light Fund (www. self. org)
, Handed me a book titled mountain out of the mountain and told me: "This guy, Dr.
Paul Farmer is a legend. . .
We have started a project with him to build the first solar hospital in Africa, can you believe it? " I couldn't.
But having read this great book, I understand the relationship between energy issues and healthcare.
Bob later told me more about Burundi, where the first hospital will be built: after the genocide in neighbouring Rwanda, it is still being compensated, the World Bank voted for the world's poorest grid without reliable power, with 156 patients per doctor. . .
I want to help but want to know how much the hospital project will cost.
It's not easy to raise millions of dollars, $10 million less.
The United States believes that solar energy is too expensive as a mainstream energy source, so I think the cost is astronomical.
I am fortunate to know that this is not the case.
"The cost we expect is $450,000, which will provide electricity for the survival of the whole hospital," Bob said . ". Just $450,000.
The cost of holding a fashion show is about $100,000.
New York Fashion Week
Twice a year.
It must cost millions.
My boyfriend James Marshall and I thought, "what if we could create a website for people to donate a day's salary? " (
So the word "only one day. ")
My friend's opinion is that if you can't afford to donate $1,000 or more for a worthwhile cause, it's not worth it at all.
To prove that this is not the case, we did simple math.
If someone makes $30,000 a year, they make about $82. 00 a day (
We split it into 365 for convenience).
So if we can get around $82 for about 5,500 people.
00 we will make enough money to send solar energy to hospitals and to Burundi, young and old, who do not currently have access to health care.
A website can reach so many people.
Two web designer friends Paul Addy and Francis Lavery volunteered to create our website with a calculator that automatically breaks down any salary into daily and hourly wages.
Just a day. com was born.
To improve the level, I had some of my designer friends create a limited edition T-
Shirts sold from the scene.
Rag and Bone, Logan, Phillip Lim of Giambattista Valli, Chris Benz, are eager to sign up.
Yigal azrouel makes headlines for the next round of shirts, JOFD will be an on-
Until we reach our goal.
The icing on the cake is when fashion PR guru Joey Jalo volunteered to spread news about our project.
The team at JOFD is worldwide, digitally connected via email and Skype.
Although our lives and experiences are completely different, everyone involved in the project is convinced that health care and access to energy are a universal human right.
Whether you are a leader or a citizen, energy and health care issues are a collective responsibility
Doctor or designer, resident or farmer.
It only takes a day.
Edited by Lesley M. M.
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