joy to your home - times of india - high quality solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
joy to your home - times of india  -  high quality solar garden lights
Festival party decoration is charming in this season.
What we're talking about is new luxury fashion and lots of comfort. (read hygge).
Every year, D_cor parties become more creative and personalized.
With the revival of antiquity becoming a hot topic in the fashion world, it is only a matter of time before D_cor at home embarks on this path.
The delicate metal is the theme of this season's d_cor party.
As a prologue to a party, stick to the theme of one color - gold, silver or green.
Even for Christmas trees, use the word "interesting". (
Handmade (if possible)decorations.
Here are a few tips to keep your D_cor and party skills up to speed: color code: Think of beautiful laced linen in exquisite champagne and velvet.
Party decoration pays more attention to feeling good and improving mood.
Choose bold dark colors, textured tablecloths and layered textures.
Green thinking: to pursue more natural decoration.
Decorate your tree with a mixture of earth and gold.
Take the green out of the outside and put it in to pollute the environment-free party.
Use solar lights.
Flower Fun: End-the-
Flower tones at the top are still there for some time.
But stick to one flower.
Whether it's roses, chrysanthemums, white tulips or orchids.
Don't forget to decorate every corner and crevice.
Magenta in white pottery can also be used.
Party Basis: Entertainment is about quality over quantity, with some personal style.
From food and beverages to D_cor, everything will be carefully crafted and carefully planned.
Minimalism and mindfulness are the new highs of 2017.
Food Fact: Eat Easy Food, Not Big Dinner.
That's why the cutlery is small and elegant.
Food should not interfere with mixing.
Fruit centers are made from plums and pomegranates on gold plates.
We don't see blind parties now.
That's why decoration is also soft and elegant. Try these and use flash as a great party. -
Candles sprinkled with salt can remove negative energy.
Put the highlights and menus of the evening on the elegant blackboard signs.
Place simple floating candles and oranges and apples as a seasonal party decoration.
Use scented candles and lanterns.
Place ribbons and flowers around the mirror and fairy lights.
Make beautiful ribbons with the rest of the gift paper.
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