it is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building - solar powered traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
it is revolutionary:imagine moving (photovoltaics) to absorb sun lights all the day on every building  -  solar powered traffic lights
This view is truly revolutionary in comparison with what I have previously expressed.
It is friendly to nature. . .
And it saves too much solar energy. .
Do you know that we only use less than 10% of the solar energy? .
Imagine that if we get more energy from the sun, we can convert it into electricity in the following ways. (
Photovoltaic cell or photovoltaic)
Use it in all aspects of our lives. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I tell you that all these ideas are valuable for a revolution in our world, especially as we know that oil and gas will soon run out. . .
Now you may want to know what's new about this idea? ? ? ? ? ?
Well, I designed it. ((((
Automatic movement to form a 90 degree angle with sunlight when the sun moves. ))))
Small cells can be placed on every building from the top and can even be used as decoration around the building. .
They will be flower-shaped. .
So imagine that flowers absorb energy as the sun moves. .
Not one, but many. Note: If you go on, you'll see a picture of the one I drew. That's great. . . . . . . . . .
The ability to generate electricity directly from solar energy is a revolutionary development.
The technology involved in the production of these silicon batteries is complex, and their efficiency is not even close to that of thermal solar applications, but these unique energy devices are now considered to be common places like courtyards. (
Solar lamp)Highway(
Solar traffic lights and signs)
Of course, there are ordinary calculators.
Photoelectricity is the process of direct conversion of light into electricity.
Some materials exhibit a property called photoelectric effect, which allows them to absorb photons and release electrons.
When these free electrons are captured, the generated current can be used as electricity.
Although they are expensive, how small a coast can save Mother Earth! ! !
This is the most important step. You have to build an automatic system to keep the battery moving while the sun is moving to ensure 1.
You absorb so much energy.
To ensure a 90 degree angle with sunlight, and thus correct. .
The system is electronic and varies over time as the sun moves. You have to go to a big building in the city and let them do this wonderful experience. You have to paint blue on every cell of your spouse you can get, and choose a good building for the sun, and then you have to paint blue on the system. Note: I took a moving picture. I made cells. . .
Now you will see the real documents of my work. This picture represents my work.
The battery below is mobile and saves electricity. . .
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