infrastructure minister foresees electricity shortage - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
infrastructure minister foresees electricity shortage  -  solar energy traffic lights
National Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau said at the infrastructure theme conference on Monday: "In the summer months, we may experience a severe power shortage for several days, which will lead to power outages.
"We may find ourselves in a situation where the demand for electricity is 2% --
"3% higher than supply," he added . ".
According to Landao, this will happen if the country is experiencing extreme heat for several days in a row.
"We will see the elevator stuck, the traffic lights and the cash register stuck.
Millions of shekels are spent every day, so we should hope that this will not happen.
"This situation is the result of poor planning and wrong calculation," said Landao . ".
To address this potential problem, the Lando office announced a series of measures aimed at reducing electricity consumption and increasing production.
The minister said his department will begin implementing a plan to encourage consumers to save electricity in the coming months.
In the new model, households and businesses that save 20% of their electricity bills per month will receive a 20% discount on electricity.
"In the coming autumn, we will implement the plan for some large industrial consumers.
"Winter is doing a pilot in a private family, spring is coming, and from the success of the pilot, we will consider introducing this model nationwide," Landao explained . ".
Landua also said that his office will do its best to encourage consumers to adopt the "green house" model, which enables solar production to be used by private users.
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