indian navy saving energy under 'green initiatives drive' - smart solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
indian navy saving energy under \'green initiatives drive\'  -  smart solar street light
Over the past three years, the Indian Navy has adopted a unified approach to achieving green goals through ranking and documentation.
The Indian Navy has begun to use intelligent LED street lights at its naval base. In addition to conventional lighting on the operating platform, the operating platform has gradually turned to LED lighting.
On the occasion of World Environment Day, the Indian Navy on Monday outlined actions taken over the past three years under the Green Initiative.
Over the past three years, the Indian Navy has adopted a unified approach to achieving green goals through ranking and documentation.
The Navy's energy optimization measures cover its entire spectrum operation, infrastructure and maintenance.
Concerted efforts are being made to reduce energy use. (
Electricity and fuel)through self-
Promote protective measures.
In addition, fuel optimization measures were implemented on board without affecting the operation speed.
With innovation promoting military technology, renewable energy on naval platforms is the first attempt. Solar panels are installed on the top of Helo hangar of one naval ship to produce battery charging power.
The key results areas of energy conservation, diversification of energy supply and minimization of environmental impacts are in line with the national mission of reducing dependence on energy imports and the principle of determining national contributions expected by the country. (INDC)
As part of climate change goals.
According to the national task of the Indian Navy to achieve the 100 gigawatt solar photovoltaic installation target by 2022, the Indian Navy will also achieve the 19 megawatt solar photovoltaic installation target in three stages by 2018.
In addition, the Indian Navy has promised 1.
5% of the project budget is for renewable energy generation.
Under this scheme, solar photovoltaic projects are being carried out at naval bases in all commands.
The Naval Space Station, which has scarce land available, has resorted to innovative ideas for deploying rooftop solar panels to harness solar energy.
Initiatives taken with Prime Minister Swachbharat Abhiyaan in naval agencies have also begun to produce tangible results.
5600 kg fertilizer, 450 kg biogas(Methane)
It is replacing liquefied petroleum gas, which is produced monthly from biodiesel. -
Degradable waste and biogas plants using organic waste converters.
Considering the positive impact of afforestation, more than 14,000 seedlings were planted in the past year.
These were nurtured by naval personnel, which reduced about 284 tons of carbon dioxide.
We also provide power to ensure that pollution in our ports and oceans remains at a minimum level.
Sewage treatment plants that neutralize toxic wastes before discharge, use skimmers, collect/treat floats through sewage barges, and import equipment that, although not mandatory, meet IMO specifications. -of-
To this end, war is being guaranteed.
The theme of World Environment Day 2017 is "Further Linkages between Man and Nature". It provides opportunities for all sectors to work hand in hand to consolidate our efforts in pursuit of environmental protection. (
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