hyperloop: musk unveils high-speed pneumatic transport ... - solar panel traffic lights

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hyperloop: musk unveils high-speed pneumatic transport ...  -  solar panel traffic lights
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As significant as the speed of Hyperloop is its modest estimated cost (
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"Breathe new life in a pneumatic dream", imagining commuting to and from work in a narrow metal capsule that floats in the air at a speed close to sound?
This is the idea behind Hyperloop.
Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, hyped the future transportation system.
After months of ridicule and rumors, Hyperloop finally made its debut yesterday, which will allow users to travel 610 kilometers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just 30 minutes.
Passengers and cargo will travel through a pod or capsule to shoot down the low cabin
Pressure pipe about 1200 kilometers per hour.
Hyperloop will be the fifth largest mode of transportation, according to 57-hyper"
After Planes, trains, boats and cars, Musk released a report yesterday.
The basic idea is half. monorail, half-
A pneumatic delivery system for moving mail or parcels at high speed within a building.
Musk envisioned a "pod" with metal skis, enclosed in a tube with reduced air pressure.
Similar to the linear induction motor used on a modern roller coaster, the speed of the pod can be accelerated.
Further induction motors will occasionally kick the pod and maintain an almost constant cruise speed during most of the trip.
"It feels like it's on the plane," Musk said . ".
Passengers will disembark through the gas gates of the station.
The air inside the tube is 1-
A few parts of atmospheric pressure, or about one
Sixth, the pressure in the atmosphere of Mars.
Even under such low pressure, a building
The air in front of the cabin increases resistance, so the fan in front of the cabin sucks in the air, pressurizes it, and feeds it into the cabin to take it out of the small hole on the skis.
This also allows the pod to slide through the pipe on the air cushion.
Musk has released these plans publicly. source project.
He said last week that he did not have time to put into the project at the moment, but at a conference call yesterday he said that his idea was, his existing or future company can take responsibility.
"I would love to make a demo prototype," he said . ".
Musk estimates that it will take a year or two to build a prototype, and it will take four to five years to deploy a complete prototype.
The proportional version between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
More ambitious than Musk's proposed schedule is his estimate of the cost.
He expected Hyperloop to cost only one dollar; 7.
5 billion, about a tenth of the cost of the currently planned high-speed rail corridor between the two cities.
He also estimated a ticket-
The price of Hyperloop trip may be only one dollar;
20, about half high-
High-speed rail service may charge.
Such a meager cost is in part because he claims that Hyperloop can use solar panels to generate most of the power it needs-similar to the solar panel motor used by the Musk Tesla electric vehicle charging station-at the top of the tube.
Most transport engineers and physicists contacted by The New Scientist are reluctant to comment on the design without looking closely at the specifications.
But some do have a view on whether Hyperloop can handle earthquakes that periodically shake California.
Musk claims that Hyperloop can make earthquakes easily and cheaply --resistant.
Others agree that this is not difficult, but not too sure about the price tag.
"With the right funding, we can design almost anything to maintain the seismic load," says Scott branberg, an earthquake engineering expert at the University of California, Los Angeles . ".
"But the question is how much will it cost?
"Read more about our internal pneumatic pipes
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