household gets a wriggle on - solar panel garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-29
household gets a wriggle on  -  solar panel garden lights
Inspired by climate change activists Tim Flannery and Al Gore, Jane Marcout decided to cover her roof with solar panels and buy a new hybrid car.
Then she found out their prices.
"After reading the weather forecast and observing an inconvenient fact, I was shocked by how far we have gone on the path of climate change, which has not been solved," said the 59-year-old. -year-
From Endeavour Mountain.
"So I was very excited and did a lot of research.
But when I found out how much it would cost to buy solar panels and hybrid cars, I was very frustrated.
Instead, Mrs. Marcout took a cheaper approach, and her favorite method was to nag her husband, John.
"I'm the local climate police," she said with a laugh.
"My husband said I had to say I wanted him to recover!
Now we have done a lot of water saving work, such as pouring water from the shower into the toilet, and water from the washing machine into the garden.
"Even if I boil the tap in the kitchen, I get three liters of water before it gets hot, so I collect water for washing instead of letting it run down the sink.
"The couple's quarterly water bill has dropped about twice. -
A third, from about $200 to $60, have spent $900 on ceiling insulation.
"We did it last month, and we noticed that it was getting warmer," Mrs. Marcout said.
Marcoutts also reduced the amount of rubbish they threw away, in part because of their pet worms.
"Getting worms was my husband's idea," she said.
"By giving them the rest of our vegetables and East and West, we have greatly reduced how much we put in the dustbin.
"It really helped our gardens survive the drought because they produced this liquid feed, which is very beneficial to the soil.
"Ms. Majkut, who works as a ward clerk at Dandennon Hospital, will also devote her new enthusiasm to the environment, encourage colleagues to recycle more and turn off lights in unused rooms.
She said she was happy to participate in the Green Age Challenge because she had the opportunity to hear other households'ideas about energy conservation, water conservation and waste.
"You can do a lot if you change your habits a little bit," she said.
"But, my God, they worked.
"Tracy Colo, Communication Manager of Sustainable Development Victoria, congratulated the participants.
Anyone who needs more ideas can visit the Sustainable Development Victoria website, Colo said.
For energy saving, please call 1300 363 744.
For waste and recycling, please call 1800 353 233 www. sustainability. vic. gov.
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