hot stuff new solar-powered products find a place in the sun - solar garden path lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
hot stuff new solar-powered products find a place in             the sun  -  solar garden path lights
(MONEY Magazine)
Talk about hot topics: How do 10,000 degrees hit you?
This is the energy generated by the sun, which is now used to power all kinds of consumer goods on Earth.
According to Scott Sklar, executive director of the Solar Energy Industry Association in Washington, D. C. , sales of solar products have increased by an average of 30% annually over the past three years. C.
Since the early 1970s, the solar industry has not seen such a surge in demand for its products.
Why is interest in renewable energy reviving?
"People care about the environment, and they are taking a small step toward other lifestyles," says John Schaeffer, founder and President of Real Goods Trading Corp.
Ukiah, California. mail-
Energy Ordering Company-
Preserve the product.
Another reason is that solar energy is cheaper than ever.
Over the past 15 years, the cost of capturing a watt of solar energy has fallen by 99%, Schaffer said.
Since 1986, his company's sales have increased from 38% to 300% annually.
So what's new in the sun?
Here are some popular new solar products: Canon's Sure Shot del Sol solar camera(shown at left)
It looks like a typical 35mm snapshot, except that futuristic solar panels cover the front of the camera when it is not in use.
When you're ready to take a picture, the panels fold up and block your way.
Helios can fly from 6:00 to 8:24:00-
Seven-point post-exposure-
Charging in bright sunlight for an hour does not require disposable batteries. (
It does have a permanent lithium-ion battery to store solar energy. )
The camera, which was launched last spring, retails for $285, but we found that it costs only $165 in New York City.
This is the case with the Planet/Grazer Automated Solar Mower: A Grass-trimming, sun-powered robot.
To show when it stops and where it turns, you use a special wire around your lawn.
All these GEEs of Environmental Awareness-
Whitz has a price to pay: the retail price of a solar lawn mower is about 10 times the price of your garden. -
All kinds of poisonous gases.
It's $1995 in kind. (800-762-7325).
Electronic Trading Company
Solar vents use the heat of the sun to cool cars.
One end is the solar panels, the other end is the fans, and the "vent" straddles the top of a slightly opened window.
The energy collected by the solar panels powers the fans, which in turn suck hot air out of the top of the windows.
This solar vent has a clearer picture and costs $29. 95 (800-344-4444).
Edmund Scientific Solar Energy Company-
Electric ventilators/fans are only the size of a hardcover dictionary, but they bring enough breeze to make you more comfortable to read on the terrace or in the sun on the beach.
Edmond Sciences Inc. $24. 95 (609-573-6250).
Siemen's Solar Path Lamp is located at 14-
Inch piles, you can drive into your lawn or garden. The solar-
Electric fluorescent bulbs are automatically turned on at dusk and will burn for 6 hours at night after exposure to sunlight for 6 hours.
Channel lights are $59 a piece from the physical.
There was a loud noise from the sun mosquito shield. -
It is said that even the hungriest mosquitoes can keep at least 12 feet away.
It can also be made from real goods for $8.
Of course, these products would not be very good without the sun, so I hope the sky is clear and cloudless. --
At least when you first recharge. --
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