help the planet — and your wallet — with these green tech deals - solar powered motion flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
help the planet — and your wallet — with these green tech deals  -  solar powered motion flood lights
Saving the planet shouldn't be something we think about every year only when Earth Day comes.
It's always a good time to be green, with the help of the environment, the energy. -
Saving smart products can save you money by reducing electricity bills and even eliminating the need for batteries. From solar-
From electric devices to gadgets that help you monitor and optimize household energy use, these are currently the hottest smart green technology transactions.
If you use outdoor lighting at home, you know that it's troublesome to keep the wires and extension wires powered, not to mention that they consume a lot of energy if they are used frequently over a long period of time.
Increased demand for ecological environment-
Friendly technologies bring innovative lighting solutions, such as Urpower Solar Energy. -powered motion-
Sensor lights, now available in Amazon for $33 a pack of four. These wall-
Installed lights use the energy of the sun and do not require wires or batteries. Energy-
Efficient LED bulbs emit a lot of light while reducing power consumption.
URPOWER lamp in motion-
When activated, the sensors automatically turn on at night when they detect movement, and when you don't need to turn on, they turn off automatically in the morning to further save energy.
Internal batteries can store up to 12 hours of solar energy, so if necessary, you can enjoy outdoor lighting all night.
You can get four of these energetic solar motions. -
Starting the outdoor lights, Amazon will save you $47 with a 59% discount for just $33.
Surprisingly, you may already know that customizing your energy use can save you money, but the number of devices designed to operate all your products is limited.
A device like this is forever. -
The popular Samsung Smart Things Smart Home Center currently offers Amazon a 20% discount.
Hubs connect to various intelligent devices by wireless mode and make them work together.
You can choose from a variety of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, etc.
When you constantly update your home with smart devices, you can add them to the center and let your home work for you.
Use iTunes Store or Google Play Store's Smart Things application, or Amazon Alexa to control your smart home and tell it what to do when you fall asleep, wake up, leave and go home.
Turn off the lights and other electronic devices when you're out for hours and still have your favorite home, which saves money and energy.
Samsung Smart Home Center usually retails for $100, but Amazon currently sells for $80, saving you $20. (20 percent).
Do you really know how much energy your family uses every day?
Unless you have a tracking device, put TP-
Connect smart plugs to energy monitoring, and you may not. This energy-
The monitoring equipment can not only tell you about the use of energy, but also provide storage power consumption, summary and so on.
The device currently sells for $33 in Amazon. This smart Wi-
FI Plug allows you to monitor power consumption and view weekly and monthly summaries to help you define which devices use the most electricity.
Everything is controlled by the KASA application, giving you a clean and clear interface to help you better manage your home's energy use and ultimately save you money.
The device can be plugged into any standard wall-mounted power outlet to support up to 15A power supply.
It is compatible with Android 4.
Versions 1 and higher or iOS 8 and higher require WI-
FI network, but there is no separate hub or paid subscription.
By using oogle assistant or Alexa to control your device from anywhere, it's easy to create a timetable for each device and customize it to specific times of the day. TheTP-
Connecting smart plugs to energy monitoring usually retails for about $39, but on Amazon, you can buy one for only $33, saving a total of $6. (16 percent).
Amazonone was one of the first manufacturers to provide us with control over the power supply for home lighting. Using Asmartphone or tablet computers, Amazonone proved its superiority in the Philips white and color start-up kit market.
This smart, color lighting kit allows you to easily set and control the lighting of smart homes, currently at $50 in Amazon.
Customizable toolkits offer you unlimited possibilities to make your lighting creative and synchronize with your lifestyle.
Bright white is added to the work area or home office, and soft lighting is added to the bathroom and bedroom.
You can also use blue or red to highlight your existing home decoration, or to control every lighting scene in a smartphone or tablet computer.
The startup kit consists of three light bulbs, an existing light and a bridge that you can insert into your home WI-Fi router.
It works with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control dimming, white shadows, and color settings through sound.
Original Philips Hue White and Color Starter Kit usually retail for $200, but Amazon currently offers you a discount of $150. (25 percent)in savings.
Heating and cooling in your home or office is one of the most energy sources. -
Drain away what you do every day, but you can better control it with Honeywell Smart Wi. -
FI 7-day programmable color touch thermostat is currently 19% off Amazon.
The thermostat allows you to program the device as a home or commercial thermostat, and then provide calendar functions specific to your location.
Intelligent thermostats allow you to choose the temperature you like when your business is occupied or when you get out of bed, providing extreme comfort and energy saving.
It has intelligent response technology that can learn your heating and cooling cycle preferences to provide the perfect temperature in a day.
It's even smart enough to know exactly how long it takes to reach your favorite temperature and act accordingly to ensure that energy is not wasted and comfort is not affected.
The thermostat works with Amazon Alexa to provide voice control for you.
Using Honeywell's High-
Rated Total Comfort Application(
It's available in iTunes and Google Play stores.
Monitor and manage your comfort and energy use remotely anytime, anywhere.
It has a customizable color touch screen that displays relevant information, such as indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, air circulation and programmable modes, which can save you annual energy bills.
Honeywell Intelligent Wi-
FI 7-day programmable color touch thermostat usually retails for $207, but Amazon currently sells for $179 and $28. (14 percent)discount.
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Update: Update pricing, increase Samsung Smart Home Center transactions, increase Honeywell thermostat transactions.
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