health and safety council bosses slap-down residents who clubbed together to replace broken streetlamp bulbs after months in the dark - for 'risking their lives' - 12w solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-01
health and safety council bosses slap-down residents who clubbed together to replace broken streetlamp bulbs after months in the dark - for \'risking their lives\'  -  12w solar led street light
Families that have patched together to repair broken street lights in months of darkness have been reprimanded by committee chairmen for "risking their lives".
Residents of a modern residential district in Swansea, Wales, had no lighting after their seven street lights went out one by one.
They decided to raise 100 to pay for scaffolding and new light bulbs to rekindle the streets, which means that the local council is not responsible for maintenance.
Instead of praising them, the Committee sent an angry e-mail to the neighbors accusing them of "risking their lives" and insisting that they should hire an expert to repair them.
Resident Tony Peggitt, an assistant professor at the university, said: "We can't believe our eyes because they warn us that we are at great risk of death. " -
All we have to do is change the bulbs, because they don't.
"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to change the light bulb," said Kris Griffin, a local resident.
Neighbors of 40 families in Golwg y Waun, Birchgrove, Swansea, think that's enough when a nearby house is robbed.
Mr. Peggitt, 59, and his friends posted leaflets in nearby houses telling them about plans to repair electric lights. -
Ask them if they want to step in.
He said, "We went to find out the price of light bulbs.
"DIY's approach stems from the lack of choice in local councils and years of neglect.
We contacted the contractors who made these lights and they told us what we needed.
We put the leaflet at the door and told our neighbors about our plans. Then we knew someone would come and offer five pence or one penny coins to pay for it.
"This shows that we have a great small community here.
"Residents on the street live on an undigested road. " -
That is to say, the committee does not bear the responsibility of light maintenance.
Peggitt said Swansea City Council did offer an electrician to replace the bulb, but charged more than 1,000 pounds.
But the neighbors themselves spent 100 pounds. -
Ten pounds for each bulb, plus a friendly qualified electrician, you can rent scaffolding free of charge.
Mr. Page said, "That's the spirit of community. Everything is about people taking responsibility for themselves.
But Mr. Peggitt was enraged, and two days after fixing the street lights, he received an e-mail from Parliament condemning him as "life-threatening".
"We've grown up and know the risks of climbing up the scaffolding," he said.
We are not reckless.
It's the same as changing light bulbs in the kitchen, just a little higher.
His neighbor, father-of-
The 43-year-old two Chris Griffin said: "We were very proactive, so we just went around on Saturdays morning and changed them all.
"I think it's ironic. The parliament told us that we were dangerous when it was dark enough for someone to easily break an ankle or leg. "
"Without lights, it turned dark around 4 p. m. and prevented children from going out to play in the street. It was too dangerous. "
"The group living in Gorwan has no one else to turn to because real estate developers who built their properties have entered management. -
Twelve years later, Swansea's parliament has not yet passed this path.
A spokesman for the City Council said: "Street lamp maintenance is different from changing lights in family houses.
"It must be performed by qualified and experienced personnel, as there is a risk of serious injury or death if the work is not completed correctly.
"We are using Golwg Y Waun, but before that, residents are responsible for the continuous maintenance of their street lights.
When we saw a street lamp surrounded by scaffolding, which made us very worried about their safety, we were reminded to contact them and provide advice.
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