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have your say: - winnipeg free press  -  solar traffic light system
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 30/3/2010 (3369 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Let's look at the Earth. Surprisingly, our city supports Earth Day by turning off the lights of four buildings, however, it is not difficult to install several new traffic lights in every new box store and development.
Other major cities use on-ramps, off-
Convenient ramps and overpasses for transportation.
They reduce accidents, loss of life, energy use and contaminants.
Now is the time for the city to become more eco-friendly and humanfriendly.
Oliver berezine winnipere: one hour near the mysterious Earth (March 26).
I don't know what kind of world David Seymour is living in, but it's hard for me to call it the enlightened world I live in.
If we are so open-minded, why are 1 billion people starving in the world?
It is absurd to think that Earth Hour is coming soon.
If humans and nature are to survive, the Earth needs all the attention we give it.
Don Winston nortendreg: Ottawa's plan to stimulate the economy went bankrupt (March 27).
If the Fraser Institute's claims are true, then not only is it irritating that those relentless TV ads that promote Harper's government action plan, they deliberately abuse taxpayers' money to convince voters to buy an economic stimulus that doesn't work.
We need to have a more ambitious vision of the desreilly highway.
I am interested in the new plan.
I think we need to rethink the entire highway.
The Douglas Point community is moving from industrial to residential and we have a highway through it. Why?
There is an automatic bin behind our hotel.
We note that since the newly launched bins have been introduced into the hands of residents in the northwest of the city, there has been more garbage in the bins.
I also noticed that the car stopped, threw the garbage in the automatic bin and drove away.
I recently called 311 complaining about a big TV box next to the bin full of garbage.
I also noticed that for years there was an automatic bin in our back lane with only one
Regular quarterly recycling of residents.
Now is the time to remove the automatic bin and roll out the bin.
Maybe more people will start recycling.
The new football field may be David Asper's dream, but it's not my dream.
It's not the dream of disabled children either, they have 2010-
2011 the number of support services decreased significantly due to budgetary reasons.
It's time to clear our priorities.
Education is right. Football is entertainment.
I am the season ticket holder of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber and am disgusted with negotiations to narrow down the design of the new stadium.
As far as I know, David Asper is unable to prevent him from ending the agreement.
But the city knows how to scale down.
Finally enough.
Where is the harm of building a country? of-the-
The Blue Bomber and the art stadium at the University of Manitoba Bisons, as well as the push it will have for small sports?
I want to be proud of everything the city has to offer and they always seem to do nothing but be disappointed.
A lot of things have not happened, making the city stagnant.
I say it's time for the city to stand up and build something that will meet the needs of the future.
If the stadium were to scale down and the City retreated again, I would no longer be willing to spend money to support bombers.
William strelin winnipegg of Gap sre: Only God makes sense (March 27).
Yuri wrote: "The most reasonable conclusion is;
At the beginning of God's creation '(Genesis 1:1).
"Yes, the world is only 6,000 years old. We are all a product of a lot of incest. God puts fossils on the ground to test our faith.
Such an argument is inherently wrong.
This is just an ignorant argument that is used to explain the many unknowns in human history from the movement of the universe and the solar system to natural disasters and diseases.
We don't know much yet.
You can even prove that there are things we may never know.
But even then, the argument of the god of the gap does not work because it is not the answer.
If any, it publicly announces that one does not want to devote time and effort to finding one.
The mission of Levi's warnewinnieglayoffs SiloamSiloam recently announced that it was forced to reduce its monthly staff contributions.
In my opinion, there are three reasons for this decline: the current economic climate gives people a reason to stop and reconsider how to spend money;
People were shocked by the devastation in Haiti/Chile and turned donations to help survivors, as well as the things that Gordon Sinclair wrote about between Linda warkending and the former CEO of the Siroya mission, John Mohan
Unfortunately, it is not surprising or rare that two agreed adults choose to betray their loved ones, and therefore should not be considered newsworthy.
There is no doubt that the story casts doubt on the goodwill shown by the mission and its staff to the homeless in the city on a daily basis.
I will continue to donate to Siloam Mission and I encourage others to do the same.
What is not OK?
Re: freedom of speech: Canadian edition (March 27).
Buzz Currie, who defended conservative U. S. Paian Kurt for torture, racism, and mass murder: What line would you draw on the line of freedom of speech?
Changes being considered by the World Curling Federation, including shortening the overall length of the tournament.
There is a fairly simple change that can be made to our 16-
The Provincial Curling Championships in Manitoba will do so.
At present, these games are divided into two groups, 8 teams in each group and 7 rounds in each group. robin games.
If, like a football match, the event is divided into four groups, with three rounds in each group --
Similar to the schedule of the upcoming FIFA World Cup.
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