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Economic growth 4.
The fastest speed is 1% since 2014.
Trump tore Cohen apart, denying that he knew about the Trumpta meeting;
Trump praised America's strength. S. GDP Numbers;
Putin is going to Washington to invite Trump to Moscow.
North Korea handed over the possible remains of the United States. S. Troops;
Trump threatened to impose sanctions on Turkish detained priests.
Russia's view of the United States. S.
President Donald Trump;
The Electoral Commission is expected to confirm Khan's victory.
CBS shares fell and reported misconduct.
Lunar eclipses coincide with blood-moon and Mars observations.
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Hello everyone.
Live from CNN London.
I am Hannah Vaughan Jones joining Hala Gorani.
Tonight, he said he would do it, and he did it.
Donald Trump, as a member of the U. S. team, is on a winning lap. S.
Growth has reached its highest level in many years.
Now, however, Clouds, Trump's former lawyer, says that at the time of the good news, Trump knew ahead of time about a highly controversial meeting at the Trump Tower in 2016.
As well as the total lunar eclipse, a rare celestial event is taking place this hour.
We'll tell you where you can get a glimpse of the world.
Therefore, the historic transformation of the economy.
Donald Trump can be forgiven for what he said today in front of White House supporters, but it smells like roses.
Like that garden, the economy has blossomed over the past three months, growing by more than 4%.
What's this, sir?
Trump suggests that it doesn't smell as sweet as other presidents. (
Start video clips)
U. S. President Donald Trump: As trade agreements are reached one after another, we will be much higher than these figures, and these are huge numbers.
These figures are very, very sustainable.
This is not one. -time shot.
I happen to think that our next quarterly report will be very good. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: But every rose has thorns. Now the one next to Trump seems to be his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.
Cohen claimed that he knew and approved the talks with Russians at the Trump Tower in 2016, which the President objected to.
After all, the president has long denied the need for anyone to walk up and down the garden path.
Now, whatever the wind, it will shake the President's image.
We have a rough diamond from Jeremy Diamond, who lives in Washington.
Jeremy, nice to meet you.
So let's talk about the economy first.
The letter of credit is due.
Today is good news for Donald Trump.
Jeremy Diamond, CNN White House correspondent: Yes.
Of course.
You know, the economic report released this morning shows 4.
Last quarter's 1% GDP growth is certainly good news for the economy.
Another sign of economic strength is the economy under the presidency.
But at the same time, when we have to talk about it, there is another problem, that is, despite the president's long-term commitment to it. -
There are still many questions about whether these four terms are economically sound.
Increase 1% or 3%, 3.
5. Whatever the situation, it can last until the rest of the year.
It's not clear yet, especially when you think it's 4.
According to many economists, 1% of exports have actually been exaggerated, partly because the President tried to ship them out of the United States before these retaliatory tariffs came into effect in a trade war with several other countries. JONES: Yes.
Of course, Donald Trump preferred to brag about his economic achievements in his earlier speech.
However, Michael Cohen was not mentioned. Of course, it was a press conference. He didn't answer any questions from anyone. If he was answering questions, someone would ask him.
But is the President more willing to make more comments on Twitter?
Diamond: Of course.
The President did post on Twitter this morning, refuting all the charges Michael Cohen had mentioned again, saying he did not know what Donald Trump Jr. had done at the meeting.
His son, and his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and his son, Jared Kushner-in-
The law, once with this Russian lawyer, who was then, if you think about it, Donald Trump Jr.
He thought he was actually meeting with a Russian government lawyer who would provide him with a scandal about Hillary Clinton directly from the Russian government.
So if Donald Trump really knows about this meeting, as Michael Cohen claimed through sources who spoke to CNN, it will do considerable damage to the President, which will show his intention to know and agree to let Russia provide destructive information.
A lot of people in this town might be talking about bringing up the topic of collusion again.
However, the actual legal implications are not yet clear.
Moreover, Michael Cohen's credibility must have been questioned in the past few days.
You know, he used to lie as his private lawyer in the name of the President, so it's clear that his credibility is now back to his commitment to the conference.
However, once again, through sources, he has indicated his willingness to speak to the Special Adviser, Robert Miller, and has sworn to make these allegations. We must, after that, if there is any corroborating information or any corroborating witness to support this statement. [15:05:05]
Jones: Yes, in the next hour, we'll talk more about this.
There is no doubt that in the next few days and weeks.
Jeremy, now, thank you very much.
Now, Donald Trump has fulfilled one of his biggest campaign promises on all other issues and controversies that may arise during his presidency.
Of course, this is economic growth.
For more information on this significance, let's talk to Stephen Moore, senior economic analyst at CNN and former presidential adviser. Trump himself.
Glad to meet you, Stephen.
Donald Trump would like to say earlier that he has not only brought economic results to the United States, but that he has done something that makes the United States proud again.
He made America great again.
Even if the United States is now the envy of the world.
I mean, we have to trust them, but has he exaggerated his role in today's results?
Stephen Moore, senior economic analyst at CNN: Well, you know, the general picture of the United States. S.
As an economic envy of the world, Donald Trump borrowed this from the front page of the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago.
You know, our economy is really looking for it now. Judging from the economic growth figures, our economy is already very strong. Obviously, this is what happens today.
And, you know, we have very, very reliable work reports.
In fact, you know, our problems in the United States. S.
Now, I've talked to manufacturers and businessmen. --
Women and men always say they can find enough workers to fill all the jobs.
This is a good question for a country.
How much credit should Donald Trump get for this economic surge?
Look, I think he deserves some honors.
I mean, we changed. --
I worked with Donald Trump during the campaign to combine economic planning.
We want to change the direction of economic development and the policies under Obama. We cut taxes.
He raised them.
We abolished many rules and regulations and promoted oil and gas production in the United States.
By the way, this is a big factor in the United States. S.
The current economic situation is a huge increase in China's fossil fuel production.
So this is a positive picture.
Your question is whether this will last. We will see.
I don't have a crystal ball.
I don't think the president has one, but you know, the last one is good until he sees if we can sustain it.
Jones: Well, he doesn't have a crystal ball, but in fact he doesn't say the exact number, but he wants to say that he thinks the next quarter will be equally successful, if not more.
He did have a history of predicting things correctly.
Let's listen to what he said in 2016.
It's a campaign about future growth. (
Start video clips)
President Trump: It's time to rethink. That's why I think it's time to set a national goal of 4% economic growth.
My great economist doesn't want me to say that, but I think we can do better. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Stephen, he's just four years old.
1% is the latest result released today, and some economists worry that this is only a boost before the economic stagnation, especially the imminent trade war.
What do you think about it?
Moore: By the way, I'm glad you showed me that little clip, because I remember us. --
Before that meeting, Larry Kudrow and I were meeting Donald Trump and we told him we could score three points.
Increase 5% to 4%.
He said I wanted to grow by 5%, but you know--
Jones: But he meant you.
Moore: 4 percent--
What's the problem?
Well, a cloud on the horizon.
You're right. You now know that the trade situation is negative.
I mean, by the way, I think we made some real progress on Wednesday's EU agreement.
Now it's just a handshake.
But if this continues, you will see not higher tariffs, but lower tariffs across the Atlantic, a victory for free trade.
Of course, the biggest problem is that Mexico, Canada, we are about to reach an agreement with Mexico.
Of course, this is a big problem for the United States. S.
For Donald Trump, this is dealing with China.
China is a bad actor on the international stage.
If he could reach a trade agreement with China, they would agree to buy more products from the United States, which Trump wanted.
Then you'll see that the U. S. economy continues to grow substantially. JONES: Yes.
I mean, Stephen, you've talked to us before about zero tariffs as the ultimate goal here, where he mentioned his meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission.
They have some hints that they may introduce zero tariffs in the future.
But judging from this conversation and the lessons we have learned from it, do you think the concept of trade war and the threat of trade war are just Donald Trump's negotiating strategies?
That's not to say he'll stick to it.
Moore: I always thought it was a negotiating strategy.
You know, I've been saying on your show and CNN that you have to understand Donald Trump.
You have to understand his book The Art of Trading.
"He is a negotiator.
He always opens his mouth with the most powerful hand, and then begins negotiations there.
I think he got a good deal from Europe because he put 20% of the car tariff on the negotiating table, and as you know, Germans can't stand it.
This will really affect their economy.
They came to the negotiating table. [15:10:10]
We have reached a better agreement, which I think is in the interest of both countries.
You know, China is just a more serious situation.
Beijing is kind of stuck in the ground.
You know, the danger here is that we're not in China, we're lowering tariffs, and we've got this. -for-
Tariff escalation.
Then, this may have a negative impact on economic development, but I want to say that I think Trump is a little weak in this respect.
I think sometime in the next few months.
Beijing will say one after another, let's make a deal.
If this happens, it will benefit the global economy or the United States. S.
Another thing, by the way, is just a quick one. JONES: Sure.
Moore: Another obstacle to economic development is what I mentioned earlier. Do we have enough workers? Do you know, enough workers?
We may need more immigrants now, because businesses can't find American workers to fill these jobs.
So we need a new immigration system. --
Legal immigration.
If they are legal, it will be of great help to the economy.
Jones: You used to be Donald Trump's adviser. Maybe he should accept your advice on this so that he can make policy in the future.
Stephen, it's always a pleasure to have you on this show.
Thank you for your analysis. Thank you.
Now Donald Trump undoubtedly wants to divert his attention from the destructive demands of his former lawyer and repairman, Michael Cohen.
This idea is directly related to the President's own actions.
In essence, he claimed that he was willing to accept Russian help during his presidential campaign.
Sources told CNN Michael Cohen.
Trump knew it before he met the Russians in the Trump Tower.
He would like to tell the Special Adviser, Robert Miller.
President Trump said on Twitter that he did not know that Cohen would be accused of fabricating facts. Mr.
Trump's private lawyer is also attacking Cohen's credibility, telling CNN that he, quoted, "has been lying all his life. " (
Start video clips)
Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer: I really don't think it makes any sense.
But anyway, it doesn't matter. It didn't happen.
It's assumed that one was found to be an incredible liar.
He has a great incentive to lie now, because he has nothing to give.
Suddenly, I think(inaudible).
I don't think anyone believes that. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Well, that's a big change compared to Rudy Giuliani calling Cohen an honest and upright lawyer. (
Start video clips)
Juliani: I don't expect Michael Cohen to lie.
I think he'll tell the truth as much as he can, and if he does, we'll be free to go home. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Maybe it's not just what Cohen said here.
Michael Cohen said that when Donald Trump learned of the Russian proposal, there were several other people in the room, witnesses.
Let's ask CNN's legal analyst Renato Mariotti to help us break this.
Renato is the former president of the United States. S.
Federal prosecutors are joining us now.
Nice to meet you.
Let's talk about the conference we're all talking about, the 2016 meeting at the Trump Building.
Why is it that the meetings Michael Cohen knows are important for the entire Special Prosecutor to investigate conspiracy and possible impediments?
CNN legal analyst Renato Mariotti: Well, Michael Cohen seems to be ready to say that Donald Trump himself knows about this meeting, and I think it's equally important. Now we may be equally concerned about it.
He knows exactly what.
Trump was informed of the meeting.
He also knows that if Trump asks questions about this meeting, he also knows, you know, Trump and his son, and others who want to get rid of the deal with the Russians at this meeting.
Therefore, according to American law, the most important thing is often what your agreement is, what your intentions are, and in Mr.
Cohen's memory helps determine what the president's intentions are, if he reaches any agreement with the Russians, what will happen, and so on.
Jones: It's not just Michael Cohen's memory that matters.
We also understand this, and may indeed be other witnesses to it.
Those who can confirm Michael Cohen's claim to Donald Trump's prior knowledge.
That's what Senior House Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee said to CNN about other potential witnesses. (
Start video clips)
On behalf of Adam Schiff(D-CA)
Senior member of the House Intelligence Committee: This is the core area of our concern. We asked all the witnesses, including Michael Cohen.
I can tell you that for some of the witnesses, they may be the confirmed ones. What Cohen has to say is that they refuse to answer our questions.
So hopefully Hicks won't answer our questions about how they made false statements, describing it as a conference on adoption.
Cory Levandovsky will not answer these questions.
Steve Bannon will not answer these questions.
I assume Bob Miller will force him to answer those questions.
So the question is, do these testimonies confirm Michael Cohen? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Renato, can Special Prosecutor Bob Muller find other potential witnesses? As Adam Schiff said, can he force them to tell the truth they know or don't know? [15:15:10]
Mariotti: There's no doubt that Robert Muller has the ability to summon those witnesses and force them to talk to him.
In addition, he can force them to answer questions unless they are guilty of answering them.
In other words, it often indicates that they have committed a crime.
This is the only case, sir.
Muller could not force them to testify.
Now he can give them immunity and force them to testify, but that's what he has to do.
But in any case, you know, the underlying pressure has to testify in front of Moller, and you know, it could lead some of them to tell the truth.
Whenever you meet with many different people, when there is a criminal investigation, you often find out what happened, because not everyone is willing to lie and cover up. JONES: Right.
A special photograph appeared today, Renato, so I want to bring it to our audience. It's at Washington Airport, an airport gate, on the left of the screen.
You can see Special Prosecutor Robert Miller. On the right, you can see Donald Trump's first son, Donald Trump Jr. , Don Jr. there as well.
Now, of course, there is much to discuss about possible collusion and ongoing investigations.
Donald Trump and Trump's entire team seem keen to continue to slander the Special Prosecutor.
Do you think it's because Donald Trump, the president is preparing to fire Miller, or because he's getting scared of him?
Mariotti: Well, I think he must be very concerned about him. One thing to remember in the United States is that it's usually impeachment proceedings. It's basically the type of trial in the United States Congress.
Therefore, public opinion is very important. Politicians'opinions may be the issue of jurors.
So anything you can do to defame prosecutors in public opinion may help the president.
What I want to say is that when I investigate and prosecute criminal defendants, it is not uncommon for them to attack and prosecute.
Of course, unfortunately, this man is the President of the United States, and he is willing to do so, which means he has more microphones.
Jones: Renato Mariotti, it's always nice to talk to you.
We are very grateful.
Thank you very much.
Now, the first summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in Russia has almost come to an end, and politicians in Washington have generally criticized Putin.
But now the plan may be to work for the second part of the summit.
The Russian president said he was ready for talks under what he called the necessary conditions.
Let's go to the Matthew Opportunity site in Moscow to get the details.
So Matthew, what's happening now is, when and where will these two people get together again?
Matthew Chance, a senior international journalist for CNN: Well, the date has not yet been set, and the Russian President Vladimir Putin deliberately blurred things.
Of course, that's the same way Donald Trump pushed the next summit to the beginning of next year.
But interestingly, the remarks made by the Russian President at the BRICS Summit in South Africa, an economic summit, said that President Trump had been invited.
Perhaps more like what was discussed at the Helsinki Summit.
They have several hours. -long face-to-
Face to face, no one was present except for the translation.
It is not clear what was specifically discussed.
One of the things that may be discussed is the possibility of holding meetings and further meetings between the two figures. --Hannah.
Jones: About the summit we have held and what the two leaders said or did not say, President Bush said. S.
Members of Congress have been trying to figure this out for some time.
Does the Kremlin or the Russian Duma share the same enthusiasm?
Greenwich: Well, no, it's not very simple, but I think the Russians have a little initiative in discussing what kind of issues to discuss.
Russia's Ministry of Defense has come forward and said he needs to follow up. -up on joint U. S. -
Russia plans to return refugees to their homes in Syria and other reconstruction projects in Syria.
The Ministry of Defense has said that.
Obviously, this is a topic that has been discussed.
Various leaks, hints and references made by Russian officials.
But what I think is really interesting is that it's all a measure of punishment, probably the President of Russia and the United States. S. president.
From the Russian point of view, the meeting was not so successful. [15:20:09]
I mean, of course, on the surface, Vladimir Putin is considered to be very dominant.
President Trump showed more respect and even obedience to the Russian president.
But I think there is a feeling that there may be a counterproductive outcome in Russia and a possible political rebound, which has indeed happened in the United States, which will have a negative impact on the interests of the Russians.
So I think the sequel to Helsinki's second summit and another summit is somewhat implicit, which is why I think Vladimir Putin said in his speech earlier today that the conditions for holding the meeting must be correct.
They just don't want a summit for it. They want some progress.
They hope that before the summit, the political climate in the United States will be less hostile.
Jones: Matthew Chance lives for us in Moscow. Thank you.
In tonight's show, North Korea returned what is considered a relic of the United States. S.
Armies killed in the Korean War
Live reports from Seoul.
In addition, tensions between the United States and the United States are intensifying. S. and Turkey.
They're arguing about the fate of an American clergyman, and there's even the threat of sanctions.
Recent developments. (
Business interruption)
Jones: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il-
The United Nations seems to have fulfilled its commitment to the United States. S.
President Donald Trump has returned what is considered a relic of the United States. S.
The army that died in the Korean War about 65 years ago. A U. S.
On Friday morning, an air force plane carrying the first 55 cases arrived at Osaka Air Force Base in South Korea and obtained the cases in Yuanshan, North Korea. Mr.
Trump expressed public appreciation for what he called the good moments of many families. (
Start video clips)
President Trump: I want President King to keep his promise.
We still have a lot of people coming, but I would like to thank President Kim for fulfilling his commitment to me in front of the media. I believe he will continue to fulfill this commitment because they search and search. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Jones: Now, Will Ripley got more information about this from Seoul, and now lives with me in the Korean capital.
Very glad to meet you, Will.
Donald Trump said there that Chairman King had kept his promise, but he had set the time, hadn't he?
CNN international correspondent Willey Ripley: Well, he had to breathe a sigh of relief because, just one week after the summit in Singapore, President Trump announced that 200 sets of bodies had been returned.
He said in front of a large crowd at a rally.
Of course, this is not the case.
For more than six weeks, it will be much longer than the Rump administration expected, because they believe it will be a relatively direct confidence-building measure between the United States and the United States. S.
And North Korea.
To be frank, it does highlight the difficulties the Trump administration will face in future negotiations on more controversial and difficult issues, such as denuclearization. [15:25:12]
But you know what it means for Korean War families to come to the Korean Peninsula. You know, thousands of families have never been closed since the war for more than 60 years.
Children, husbands, fathers left the battlefield and never returned home, and their families did not know where they died.
At least 55 people, if the remains were American, would take months or even years to complete the DNA verification process.
This will give them some closed appearance. This is the first one. -
To assess the situation of repatriation from North Korea for more than ten years.
So it's encouraging for the United States. S.
But it's also a little sober to realize that it will take six weeks to complete.
Imagine how long the entire denuclearization process would take if denuclearization took place.
Jones: If that happens.
Will, it's always a pleasure to talk to you.
Thanks so much.
Now tensions between the United States and the United States are intensifying. S.
Turkey refused to release an American clergyman.
President Trump is thus threatening most of Turkey.
An Israeli official said the United StatesS.
The president reached an agreement to help freedom, this man, Andrew Brenson, in exchange for Israel's release of 27 people. -year-
Old Texan women detained in Israel on suspicion of helping Hamas have recently been released.
Well, Turkey denies the deal.
Brensen, who has been in Turkish prisons since 2016, was placed under house arrest this week, but he is still unable to leave Turkey.
His trial is in progress.
Gullnur Aybet, senior adviser to Turkish President Erdogan, is now on the phone with me.
Gunur, thank you very much for being with us.
We now know Reverend Andrew Brenson, who is on trial.
As I said earlier, he is currently under house arrest, but has not yet been released.
Has Turkey violated an agreement with the United States to ensure the release of the person?
Gurnur Abe, Senior Adviser to Turkish President Erdogan(via telephone)
First, a working group will be set up to resolve and resolve outstanding legal issues between the United States. S. and Turkey.
This is related to the Brenson case and the American imprisoned banker Attila case.
There's nothing there now. (Inaudible)
This is a negotiation under the leadership of the working group, and no agreement has been reached as reported in this paper. Our understanding is that there is a lack of coordination between the White House and the State Department.
Because the White House speech seemed to surprise the State Department.
Of course, it's none of our business, but the lack of communication shows that the tweets issued by President Trump and Vice President Burns are not part of a well. -thought-
Coordination strategy.
Jones: Yes, but at the same time, obviously, yes, there is a misunderstanding in this respect, that is, the United States. S.
Hence the threat of severe sanctions against Turkey.
So it does show that at least one hypothesis is that Andrew Brunson of the White House will indeed be released.
Abe: I mean, where did that hypothesis come from? It's a mystery.
Obviously, as I said, there seems to be a lack of communication within the U. S. government. Of course, we can't comment on this because it's not about us.
But on the other hand, you know, there's a legal process going on with respect to Mr. A. Brunson.
The court decided on his health and released him from house arrest.
This is considered a very popular development in the United States. S.
Turkish leader. In fact, U. S.
U. S. Secretary of State Pompeo mentioned thatS.
This development is welcomed.
So, you know, there's never been any promise, or even any hint, that he'll be released because it's an ongoing case.
You know, his next appearance is in October.
Therefore, it is impossible in any country to suspend ongoing cases before formal appearances and to force the judiciary to make a decision before that.
Anyone with the concept of due process should know this.
So, I mean, if you have such expectations, it's very unrealistic.
Jones: But critics will say that President Erdogan of Turkey now allows himself to have overwhelming power. If you want, you can silence the opponents. Pastor Brenson is just one of the victims of overwhelming power.
Abe: Well, no, I mean, the new system does have a more effective separation of powers than the previous one, and it's probably the most civilian constitution in Turkey's history. [15:30:01]
So I totally disagree with these statements.
There is an ongoing legal case.
Brensen is accused of having some very serious charges, and then they need to be noticed in a very long process, because the country is at a very high stage in the national security environment, attacked by three independent terrorist organizations, including the sector and the general movement, as well as the Kurdish Workers'Party throughout Syria. The border is helping the PKK attack Turkey and Daesh.
On the other hand, the United States is extraditing(INAUDIBLE)
The way they help YTG radicals cross the border remains an open question.
So these two problems must also be solved. JONES: OK.
If only communication is poor, the consequences will be very serious, of course, if the United States really faces the threat of sanctions.
We have to leave it there, but we thank you very much for discussing the case with us tonight.
Thank you, Gunur Abe. OK.
In the next episode, the former cricket superstar looks set to take over the Pakistani team.
Listen to the thoughts of people who have unique ideas about Imran Khan.
A story that has not even been published is how CBS shares fell.
Keep with us. (
Business interruption)
Jones: Press reports about Russia and Donald Trump seem to be influencing the United States. S.
The President's image in Moscow.
You may be surprised to find that this is not so positive for him.
Of course, even at the recent summit, he seemed to get along well with Putin.
CNN's Matthew Chance reports this. (Start Video)
CNN reporter Matthew Chance: It's one thing to be labeled a professional brand. -
Russian criticized at home.
But now even the Kremlin-
The controlled media criticized Donald Trump for not resisting Moscow.
It's strange.
"You can't criticize your country, especially when you're the president of Russia," said the Russian current affairs anchor.
Trump accused the United States. S.
Silly bad America. S. -
Russian relations make him smell like a Kremlin agent. His co-anchor adds.
They are discussing the consequences of this, the first thing. -on-
A summit between the United States. S.
And the Russian president in Helsinki earlier this month.
US President Donald Trump: President Putin is very strong today in denying this.
Opportunity: Critics say President Trump is too submissive or even submissive next to Vladimir Putin, and Russian leaders themselves seem to have been aware of this. S.
The corresponding lifeline describes to the media how he was detained by the U. S. government. S. president. [15:35:18]
Russian President Vladimir Putin(via translator)
President Trump's position on Crimea is well known and he insists on it.
He talked about the illegal incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation.
We have different views.
Greenwich: Looking back at the Helsinki Summit, it feels like a milestone on Russia's long road to disillusionment with Donald Trump and a sign that President Trump is now seeing in Russia.
Many people here are eager to turn a page of tension between the two countries.
In fact, President Trump has been unable to do this.
Both the White House and the Kremlin blame the political climate in the United States.
Opportunity: Russia's disappointment with President Trump is still evident.
Where he had been celebrated in his election victory, only resignation can really change it.
Matthew Chance, CNN Moscow. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Jones: Any politician running for a senior official is eager to be recognized by reputation.
Well, that's one thing Pakistan's Imran Khan doesn't have to worry about. He has been regarded as one of the greatest cricketers ever.
He replaced the pompous celebrity lifestyle with the populist world.
This decision seems to have paid off.
His party apparently won the election on Wednesday.
But if you think it's going to be the coronation of a man with legendary sports status, think again.
Every other party is clamouring for fouls, claiming election fraud.
So where is this country?
Let's look at all this from a unique perspective.
Rehm Khan is a writer and journalist.
She's also the ex-wife of Imran Khan. -
My wife and I are going to the studio now.
Thank you very much for joining us, Reham. REHAM KHAN, EX-
Imran Khan's wife, reporter: Thank you for inviting me.
Jones: Obviously, you used to have a close relationship with Imran Khan through marriage.
Human scale.
We all know that he is a great cricketer.
Can he be a great leader?
Khan: Well, I don't think everyone in Pakistan knows him intimately. I think he has been part of our way of life for the past 40 years.
He's a celebrity. He brought the World Cup home.
Some of the drawbacks we have noticed over the years are that he may be--
He seems impulsive and sometimes shy.
My point of view, of course, is that I have some insightful information. The problem is that when you are desperate for something, you will make some kind of compromise. Suddenly, some of the compromisers you have seen in recent months have been quite shocked.
Now, I'm not shocked, because I have a little insight.
But it shocked his followers and ideological supporters of his party, because remember that I voted for him before I married him in 2013, and we were disappointed in several places.
For example, those who join the Party are not totally against it. -status quo.
He seems to have collected all the facts.
So despair upsets us.
Jones: I heard you mentioned in the past that Imran Khan thought it was his inherent right to be prime minister or his political leader.
You've talked about the compromises he might have to make when climbing the ladder.
Do you think he totally damaged his political integrity and the person you knew when you married him?
Khan: Well, you see, when I married him, it was like an extension of my vote.
I believe you are voting like a person, and I want to support this task.
What I saw was what happened, and that's what everybody is doing today.
For example, a person who is very free in his personal life is not his past, but his time with me. Even recently, he did not use blasphemy or religion against him. --
Extreme right.
This is not the Party's position, at least we don't think it is the Party's position. --stood for.
Similarly, anti--
Description of the status quo.
So his words do not correspond to his actions.
For example, we just saw his speech. -proclaim the (INAUDIBLE)for himself.
He solved all the problems.
He confined it to the outside world.
But I know we've seen it so many times before.
I interviewed him for the first time in 2013.
He said he would change. (INAUDIBLE)
In a library, the place will be open to women.
He has promised all these things about human rights.
In the past five years, we haven't got the Women's Protection Act yet. (INAUDIBLE)
Jones: So many people criticize him as a military puppet. He's in control. (INAUDIBLE)as well.
Do you agree with this assessment?
Khan: I'll go further and say he's the ideal puppet.
Because when you desperately want something, when you repeatedly compromise in public and ideologically compromise, that's one of our things.
Many people say, why should we take a rest? -up? What happened?
They kept telling him--
I can't compromise in principle.
So I can't compromise what you said. -
Corruption, but there are corrupt elements in your party.
You said that other parties tend to be cronyism, but what happened? (INAUDIBLE)
Disqualified, the Supreme Court is making a ruling.
You even saw him in yesterday's speech. [15:40:27]
So we are disappointed on many occasions by the nepotism, the status quo and corruption.
When he was a puppet, I felt that he was so desperate that he would compromise on many things that Pakistan was advancing.
So, of course, we don't have that sense of extremism and religion in Pakistan in 2018.
Jones: You'll ask--
A lot of people will see this and think that since he's your ex-boyfriend, you might have an axe to grind. -So is the husband.
Can you not be excited about Pakistan?
In fact, it has left the dynasty's politics and suddenly has a new idea?
Khan: Well, I mean, if I don't know more. But even if --
Even if you just put aside the facts in my heart and look at the facts.
For example, in the past six months.
He put one first. (INAUDIBLE)
During gang rape at his party, we committed a lot of crimes. He said, "Oh, I made a mistake.
So even if not--
Even if not--
Even if it's not intentional, isn't it incompetent?
Sorry, I don't use this as an excuse.
Again, the vertical element, we just saw that he was not in power, that he had personal grievances with the appointed person.
So I'm really worried about what he'll support?
For example, is he defending women's rights?
So, what I'm going to say is what's in the eyes of the public.
I'm not talking about what I wrote in the book, but of course, in the book, I gave you an insight.
For example, if he chooses a candidate who everyone has problems with, I'll tell you exactly what happened.
I have no personal grievances and I am not happy for Pakistan, because Pakistan is not Imran.
If it weren't for Imran, there would actually be another puppet.
So for me, Imran--the way this --
The fraud was so blatant that it showed who the boss was, and the boss was neither Imran nor any other politician. That's what worries me as a Pakistani citizen.
Jones: You do have a very unique idea. We appreciate your sharing with us, Reham.
Thank you very much for coming.
Now, CBS's share price has fallen because of reports that New York Magazine will expose the company and its CEO Les Moonves.
Dylan Byers has been following this story, and we are joining from Los Angeles.
Dylan, the story hasn't been published yet. Stock prices have been hit. Tell us more.
Dylan Byers, CNN: That's absolutely right.
So here's a pending story of a New Yorker. It's sexual assault. --
Sexual harassment charges against Leslie Moines, CBS chairman and CEO.
The problem is, because New Yorker hasn't published an article yet, we don't know what the charges are.
So everyone at CBS, everyone in Hollywood, and everyone in the larger media and entertainment industry, is waiting for the moment.
Our latest guidance is that this report will be released sometime tonight in the United States, and then we will have to wait and see. That is CBS's current attitude. Wait and see.
Wait and see what they have.
Our understanding is that many of the allegations here date back decades.
Of course, CBS CEO Les Moonves will also make a statement.
CBS itself will have a statement.
But before it comes out, it's really waiting and seeing.
At the same time, CBS shares have also been hit.
They fell by as much as seven percent, slightly revised to about five percent.
But obviously, this is a potential blow to the company.
Jones: Wait and see. We'll do the same.
Thank you very much, Dylan, for telling us what you know so far.
We are very grateful.
Tonight will be the longest eclipse of the century, coinciding with other rare astronomical events.
Next up will be the latest developments in this astronomical story. (
Business interruption)[15:45:20]
Jones: The longest total lunar eclipse of this century occurred in some parts of the world.
But that's why it's more special.
This is a red moon.
Sunlight passes through the earth's atmosphere, illuminating the moon in a dramatic way and turning it red.
That's what it looks like in Fast Forward, and if that's not enough, Mars will be the closest to Earth in the past 15 years.
There is a cherry on it for the aliens to see.
Unlike a total solar eclipse, glasses are not required.
You can go out and enjoy the performance.
Of course, unless you're in North America.
Unfortunately, it's still too bright to see that part of the world.
So what led to this astronomical trident?
Meteorologist Allison Chinchar also explained with us at the scene.
Alison, how did this blood month happen?
Alison Sinchar, CNN meteorologist: All right.
So many people are familiar with the concept of solar eclipse.
We talked a lot last year.
The eclipse I stand on is where you have the moon, but it's different.
This is an eclipse.
So you have the sun, then the earth, then the moon.
The earth forms a shadow on the moon.
So that's what you have.
You have some shadows. That's the so-called penumbra.
You have a tighter total shadow.
This is the umbra.
Now, pay attention to the red hue of the moon.
Basically, blue light experiences more intense atmospheric scattering when it emits and moves from the sun.
So the only color we can see on the moon is dark red, almost rust or blood red.
This is what you want to see.
As you mentioned, it is absolutely necessary to have no glasses.
One thing, however, may hinder the actual weather.
We have discussed this issue, and we will discuss further who will really be in good shape.
So let's take a closer look, for example, OK?
This is a region.
Now, the total solar eclipse itself, the red part, actually lasts for about an hour and 45 minutes.
But when you include partial solar eclipses, now you're talking for nearly four hours.
That's why we've been talking about the longest one in this century.
This is the key, if you are lucky enough, to be in a place where you can really see it.
So let's break this map down and discuss the exact location of some of them.
Because, as we mentioned, not everyone can see it.
People in North America, unfortunately, you will not be one of them.
In fact, even parts of South America do not have a chance to see this.
Let's talk, shall we?
This is the dark area, the area where partial solar eclipses will be seen.
We're talking about Japan, China, Russia, all the way to Australia.
You will see some, you will enjoy the beautiful deep red.
You won't get a total lunar eclipse.
These areas will go a little further west.
We're talking about India.
Middle East and parts of Africa.
This will be the best place to watch.
Now, once you go west again, parts of West Africa and most of Europe.
Spain, Germany, even around the United States. K.
Moreover, most of Scandinavia will also be in a partial solar eclipse.
And the easternmost part of South America.
You may see it.
However, just because you may be in these areas does not mean that nature will cooperate.
So let's break down some of the cities we've been talking about.
Cape Town, South Africa, has the longest total solar eclipse, and most sunny skies should be around 10:21 p. m. m. local time.
In fact, you will have very good weather conditions.
So if you have a chance, go out.
Enjoy it.
Because by the end of the eclipse, we really want more clouds to roll back into this area.
So you want to enjoy the eclipse as much as possible in the early stages of this. [15:50:24]
Abu Dhabi, good visibility, during the total solar eclipse, most of the clear sky, the temperature should be just in the middle. -30s.
The good news is that no matter when you go out, the eclipse will have very good weather conditions.
Cairo, Egypt, is mostly sunny.
The longest eclipse is about 10:21 p. m. m. local time.
Likewise, from beginning to end, the sky is clear all the way.
On the other hand, New Delhi's location is not very good.
Not only do we have to start cloudy skies, but we also have the opportunity to throw showers and thunderstorms behind us, which may hinder visibility.
Also, Hannah, there's rain in the weather forecast, so unfortunately, your best chance is at the beginning.
But even so, it may at least be a little scared. JONES: Shame.
I am looking forward to it.
But anyway, as you said, in the sunshine of London, we're already raining.
Alison, thank you very much for your explanation. Appreciate it. Thanks.
When we came back after a break, it seemed like there was a murder.
Tie them up, put them in bags and throw them into the lake, but this is one of the strangest world records you can see.
The story will come out in a few minutes. (
Business interruption)
Jones: Flower arrangement has a profound origin in Japanese history.
The ancient art of the century is coming back, but whether they grow with age or not?
In Tokyo, artists who overturn old principles or traditions are trying to give flowers a new way of life. (Start Video)
Yukio Ikeo, Japan's Most Influential Man(
Through translation)
I think flowers are gods. (INAUDIBLE)the country.
In Japan, everything in nature is worshipped, just like flowers.
Unknown man: Toyamawa is one of the most influential practitioners of Japanese flower arranging art pool.
Born in Kyoto in 1948.
He did not agree with any school, but only concerned about aesthetics. KAWASE (
Through translation)
The Japanese have been arranging flowers by constantly painting portraits of their souls.
Unidentified man: To hide his 70-year-old vitality, Kawase bends and shapes branches, cuts stems, prunes leaves and arranges plants to create moments of meditation. [15:55:00]
In Tokyo's chic Castle Peak area, Ichiro Ozawa and his team are opening the packaging for morning flowers.
Japanese florist Akiko Amano(
Through translation)
Spending makes you think about time.
They are creatures destined to decay and disappear one day.
Both those who work in flower industry and those who accept flowers have to be aware of this fact.
Unidentified Men: With its unique surgical focus, Azuma created works that blur the lines between bouquets and sculptures, mixing flowers and blooming patterns of different life spans, but disappeared two weeks later.
Along with his old friend and photographer Shinsuke shiinoki, Azuma found a way to give flowers an eternal life form by freezing them in acrylic or capturing them in extreme conditions such as space or deep sea. AZUMA (
Through translation)
What is the expression of flowers in space?
Or if we put them deep in the ocean, how will they move underwater?
I want to put flowers in a bad environment, see how they look, and pursue a new kind of beauty. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Jones: Finally, on this Friday's show, congratulations on your 64-year-old. -year-
An old man in Bulgaria is Yane Petkov.
He set a world record in three swimming events. 3 kilometers.
You may think that this is not a great feat, but he tied it to a sack. Yes.
Swimming in bundles.
It is clearly recognized.
He could even set a world record. Well, to you.
When Petkov was not swimming in a sack, he was a lifeguard.
It broke a record of cheers from an Indian man who swam three kilometres with his hands and feet tied, but not in a bag.
Obviously, the sack part just doesn't affect whether you get the record or not.
But of course it avoids this question. Why? Why do it?
Nevertheless, congratulations should be extended to him.
Thank you for watching tonight.
I'm Hannah Vaughan Jones from London.
Staying with us on CNN, "Pursuit means business" is certainly the next one. (
Business interruption)
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