gurgaon switches to green energy | gurgaon news - times of india - high power solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
gurgaon switches to green energy | gurgaon news - times of india  -  high power solar garden lights
Gurgang: With the increasing shortage of electricity supply and long-term blackouts, Gurgang residents are gradually relying on more reliable alternatives. -solar power.
Residents have begun to contribute in their own way to the city's high-end colonies and apartments, and have expressed interest in installing solar panels, which can be used as standby power systems during power outages.
Dr. Suranjana Rai Luthra, Ph. D. in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, lives in the DLF stage. -
Installed solar water heater and solar energy-
Her home's electric frequency conversion system.
"It's completely ecological. -
Technological friendliness is conducive to significant power savings.
Installation costs can be recovered within two years because the government has offered us many incentives and discounts.
"Considering all the factors, it really takes time to start using solar energy and saving electricity," she said.
She is also launching a green campaign to encourage neighbors to switch to solar energy.
She has approached Rwanda, builders and apartments, installing solar panels in their complex.
"I've been approaching people to make full use of the existing solar energy, starting with solar garden lights that charge during the day and glow in the dark.
"By using some solar devices, people can accidentally cut electricity bills by 40 percent," she said.
At the same time, in order to encourage more and more people to turn to alternative resources, the State, through the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency(HAREDA)
The use of solar energy appliances is being promoted.
Up to 1412 solar hot water systems have been installed in the state, saving about 18 sets.
According to official records, 13 million kilowatts of electricity are supplied every year.
Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park(RGREP)
In sector 29, solar energy is also used in different ways.
The building was developed by Hareda with the support of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. (MNRE).
The development of energy parks aims to build awareness among different sectors of society in the areas of renewable energy, energy conservation, energy efficiency and climate change.
To increase the expertise needed, Harida appointed the Leading Body Promotion Foundation. advit. org)
Gurgon and Greenstratos Consulting(greenstratos. com)
Hyderabad serves as the management partner of the Energy Center.
"There is a serious shortage of power supply, and even the inverters that provide temporary relief are out of order.
Solar energy can be used to charge the inverters, and it can give some relief under this heat. "Samit Jain, co-founder of the AdvIT Foundation, said.
A few of the appliances and devices on display are solar water heaters, lanterns, lamps, street lamps, door lamps, cookers, lamps, mobile chargers, solar toys and fans.
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