goldstein: liberal green-energy blunders costing you big time - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
goldstein: liberal green-energy blunders costing you big time  -  solar energy traffic lights
Prime minister Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government, if it cancels all wind and solar contracts signed by the former Liberal government, may reduce electricity prices in Ontario by 24%, according to a new report from the Fraser Institute.
Research on "Ontario electricity reform: reducing electricity price"co-
Written by Ross McKitrick, professor of economics at the University of Guelph, released Thursday
Yes, so-
Former Liberal Party Prime Minister Catherine Wayne and Dalton McGinty's "green" energy policy.
In the survey results: Ontario's residential electricity bill grew fastest, between 2008 and 2016, the highest in North America in Canada, with prices up 71%, and Canada's average growth rate more than doubled to 34%.
Between 2010 and 2016, electricity costs for large industrial users in Toronto and Ottawa increased by 53% and 46%, respectively, more than three times the average growth rate of 14% in Canada.
From May 2017 to April 2018, nearly 90% of Ontario wind and solar developers under 20year “feed-in-tariff” (FIT)
Contracts approved by the former Liberal government as part of its 2009 Green Energy law come from subsidies ($4. 2 billion). Only 10% ($500 million)
It sells electricity in the market.
While wind, solar and biomass energy account for only 7% of Ontario's electricity demand, they account for 40% of the global adjustment (GA)
Now, onitarians are paying the subsidized electricity bill.
The price paid to solar developers is 48 cents per kWh, more than six times the price of nuclear power (6. 9 cents per kWh)
More than 8 times the price of hydropower (5. 8 cents per kWh).
Research shows that while the Ford government canceled 758 vehicles ahead of time, it is moving in the right direction.
Through renewable energy contracts approved by liberals and by removing most of their green energy laws, these initiatives will only help to maintain future electricity price increases, rather than lowering the electricity prices that already exist.
McKitrick cites 2014 analysis by Bruce Pardy, a law professor at Queen's University, that the Ontario government may, by canceling or changing specific legislation for legally binding FIT contracts, as long as it acts within the constitutional mandate, and use clear legal language.
According to McKitrick, foreign investors may seek compensation under the Canadian foreign investment protection agreement.
During the provincial elections, Ford pledged to reduce residential hydro rates by 12%, taking advantage of the annual profit of the Ontario government's minority stake in hydro, after Wayne sold a majority stake to the private sector.
In addition to the 25% decline promised in Wynne's so-
Criticized as a fair water and electricity scheme by Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lacek, he said the unorthodox way the Liberal Party funded the scheme led to a substantial increase in the province's annual deficit, which the Liberal Party did not report in its annual budget.
Ford has yet to say if he will pass legislation to break or change the long term.
TermFIT contracts for wind and solar projects that have been launched and operated.
Fraser's study further demonstrates the financial recklessness of the former Liberal government.
The catastrophic mistake of green energy does not need to end Ontario's dependence on coal
Burned electricity.
The Liberal Party has done this with nuclear energy and natural gas.
They passed the Green Energy Act in 2009, bringing usury electricity bills to families and businesses in Ontario, which will pay for future generations.
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