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go green with tubular skylights - solar powered ceiling light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
go green with tubular skylights  -  solar powered ceiling light
Various brands have a variety of tubular skylights, implemented in various ways.
According to an inspection conducted by the Alberta Research Council in the United States, it shows that 13-
The light output of an inch tubular skylight is about 1700. -
Incandescent bulbs in December and January 1200-
The light bulb in June.
Compared with traditional skylights, tubular skylights emit more light, because domes gather together and emit sunlight through a highly reflective tube that extends from the roof to the room.
This provides a full range of illumination brightness.
These lights are developed on a safe axis, reducing heat or cold rights to transfer to the residence.
Some manufacturers offer 15 to 25 years of solar tube skylight service warranty.
A tubular skylight is a small transparent dome on the roof of a building that allows sunlight to enter a very reflective pipe.
The function of tubular skylights is to carefully spread natural light through a translucent lens, guiding sunlight to the ceiling, and then directly into your house.
Tubular skylights produce neat white light.
This shows that there is basically no color distortion.
You can see the color of the object. -
Yellow is yellow, not ecological. -
Friendly and blue don't look like purple or black shadows.
With a tubular skylight, the owner can enjoy natural lighting, because it uses sunlight for indoor lighting, without the disadvantages of traditional skylights.
Like solar lamps, tubular skylights are easy to install and can be easily used in many styles.
Tubular skylights offer a lot of rewards only in terms of energy savings and finance.
With the increase of electric energy,-
Natural lighting compensates for itself over time.
The concept of this wonderful modern technology is quite simple, even if its style is advanced. Primarily, all-
Natural light enters the television.
Later, it impacts a diffuser to increase the beam's height by assisting the beam to radiate outward.
Make sure it will fill the space with more sunshine.
A 10-inch tubular skylight can produce three 100-watt bulbs.
Larger versions are ideal for large rooms and workplaces.
Unlike expensive fluorescent lamps, tubular skylights can fill a room with 1000 times the sun. -
1400 watts of light.
Think about the power savings in a fairly short period of time.
If the energy-saving and cash-saving of tubular skylights are not enough to reward ecological buildings-
Friendly and appropriate development or updates may persuade tax obligations to save.
If the owner or company chooses to pass the installation-
Natural lighting, tax savings may be considerable.
For example, in order to save energy, tax cuts will be made in 2011 for people or organizations that have changed their structure this year.
The tubular skylight falls under the reward of the house or company.
Just keep track of all ongoing expenses.
Keep any kind of necessary invoice.
Ensure and obtain written documentation to support the cost of employees performing labor.
Tax savings are imminent.
The tubular skylight consists of a roof. -
Lighting enthusiasts made of acrylic lenses mounted in a steel frame.
They are also equipped with a reflective solar spoon that can direct sunlight into a steel or plastic tube with a highly reflective covering.
The reflector takes sunlight onto the diffuse lens and installs it on the surface of the ceiling so that the light evenly distributes throughout the room.
The spoon is like a parabola, reflecting sunlight into the house regardless of the angle of the sun in the sky.
Some tubular skylights have integrated lights, so components can provide night and day light, while others actually integrate baffles to manage the amount of incoming sunlight.
Naturally, lighting is healthier for employees'eyes and internal clocks.
Studies have shown that lighting in some homes and workplaces is really eye-catching and can lead to depression.
In addition, some artificial light is thought to affect waking and sleeping patterns.
Today, many workers spend a lot of time on computer monitors.
The optometrist will confirm that it is unhealthy and unbalanced for the eyes to look at the artificial light on the monitor all day.
Nevertheless, tubular skylights help reduce glare by filling the space with natural light.
In other words, skylights allow owners and entrepreneurs to choose healthy and balanced natural light over bulbs and fluorescent lights, which can still save you cash on monthly electricity costs.
Nevertheless, the skylight is natural and will eventually spend time, starting with income tax obligations, saving financial expenses.
In addition, they will save electricity cost cash during the service life of the structure.
Finally, natural light is simple for the eyes.
So for now, you know at least three good reasons why you need to go to the ecological environment. -
There are tubular skylights.
Today, everyone is doing a big deal about goods and buildings going green.
Electric power protection has finally become a primary task.
Around the world, people and the federal government are trying to motivate everyone to ensure their natural savings.
The rewards are worth seeing. Why do you have to go ecologically? -
There are tubular skylights.
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