gardening: sunny side up - outdoor solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
gardening: sunny side up  -  outdoor solar garden lights
If you have a garden pond and want to move the soothing sound of water, a solar fountain suite will create an attractive function and help ventilate the pond for aquatic life.
In order to work effectively, solar fountains need sunlight or good sunlight.
They don't work on cloudy days.
However, they will play a role in shattered clouds, albeit with slightly reduced power.
In autumn and winter, when the lighting conditions are favorable, spray can be generated, but in cold weather, the pump should be removed from the water to prevent damage.
Outdoor solar lighting can store solar energy for a whole day. (
Even in gloomy weather)
And then when the darkness comes, the garden will be refreshed.
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