futuristic bus that drives above car traffic goes on test run in china (photos, videos) - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
futuristic bus that drives above car traffic goes on test run in china (photos, videos)  -  solar energy traffic lights
After teasing the Earth with toys
In May, the inventor of TEB made a really large vehicle in less than a month, which surprised everyone.
Environmental protection
The friendly bus is powered by electricity and solar power generated by the roof's panels.
The vehicle designed to maximize the use of road space is about 22 m long and about 8 m wide, allowing it to cover multiple lanes.
A bus can carry up to 300 passengers, but the developers plan to use it as a subway system consisting of four adjacent cars at one time or more.
This future machine can accommodate up to 1,200 passengers at a time, which can solve the problems caused by overpopulation and traffic jams.
When TEB is up and running, its maximum speed should be around 60kph.
Similar to the Metro in terms of speed, mobility and capacity to accommodate, it also costs 1-
Fifth, the price can only be completed in one year.
The test run on Tuesday was carried out by only one passenger car, which traveled on a 300-meter-long control track to test braking and power consumption.
Although the first drive did not fully simulate the real road traffic conditions, the lucky first passengers will surely be fascinated by it.
Why don't everyone like sci-fi fantasy-brought-to-life.
However, the public's reaction to the new invention is quite different.
While a lot of people have expressed interest, some of the more practical web users are cautious about praise, pointing out potential issues that developers obviously don't take into account.
How the bus will drive under the bridge is one of them.
How it will go through big trucks and other buses is another one.
Some wonder if a new lane must be built in order for large vehicles to be able to travel on the highway.
Others have rejected the idea of an elevated vehicle thinking that a flying bus would be more convenient . . . . . . One thing is clear: TEB will surely defeat the double glory of old and faithful England
When it is finally ready for mainstream daily use, it is eliminated.
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