from the best bbq to creating a dreamy al fresco dining space: influencer lisa dawson shares 7 ways to make your outside space sensational in one weekend - best solar powered garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
from the best bbq to creating a dreamy al fresco dining space: influencer lisa dawson shares 7 ways to make your outside space sensational in one weekend  -  best solar powered garden lights
It's summer at last. We can't wait to go outside. -
It's like an extra room!
But if your area needs a little TLC, we can help turn it into an outdoor oasis. -in one weekend. We promise.
We interviewed influential Lisa Dawson, who is famous for creating amazing living places.
See the video below to see how she transforms your outer space into a place where you can relax and have fun.
Everything you need can be found in Baian Ju. -
From pressure scrubbers and sprinklers to fashionable outdoor lighting, these will make your space popular.
And a series of amazing outdoor furniture. -
Anyone who wants to hold a garden party or just relax in the sun must attend.
Here are seven things you can do to make your outdoor space a sensation in just 48 hours. (
None of this will destroy the bank. . . . 1)
Dress up your capsule and let's start from scratch!
A quick and easy way to make sure your outdoor space looks the best is to give it a deep cleaning. -
Including furniture, terraces, paving and paving-
Before adding any shiny new additions.
But no one has time. (or the desire! )
It takes hours to scrub by hand, so why not find a convenient pressure cleaner this summer to finish the outdoor cleaning task easily?
If you have never used them before, they will be very different. -
With minimal effort. The dream!
Karcher K4 Fully Controlled Pressure Washer 1800W(£167 at B&Q)
It is very suitable for handling a series of chores because it has three pressure levels and a detergent setting. -
Allows you to customize cleaning according to the task at hand.
To learn more about the magic of pressure cleaners, visit head to b&q. 2)
Give it a little color, a little new color, and everything looks better. -
Your fresco area is no different.
You can immediately change your garden by giving you fences, summer villas, shacks or game houses, which need new color coats after an English winter.
Once you've read the Bai'anju guidelines, it's time to choose the right treatment or paint for a wooden shed or fence.
Give any wood a protective treatment to prevent its decay or to inject new personality into it. -
I like to buy space with new paint colours.
In this way, you can refresh the atmosphere and print your own personality on your space. -
It's a bit like Ronseal Fence Life Plus Slate 5L(£12 at B&Q).
Surprisingly, it doesn't require a lot of work to apply. -
Brush the wood with a paint brush and let it dry for an hour.
So, hey, Presto!
You have another place to show off. 3)
Pull up a chair regardless of whether you're running a family. -
With friends or spend a night with friends, dining murals need to provide perfect furniture for your space.
For less formal occasions, or chatting with friends or neighbors somewhere, you can't beat something as comfortable and fashionable as the four coffee machines made of Dinya wood. (£342 at B&Q).
For dinner outside, elegant Columbia 8-seat dining suite(£425 at B&Q)
It's a perfect complement to any garden, with four upholstered armchairs and four upholstered stools, allowing you to choose from activities ranging from private dining to large group gatherings.
Or, if you have a smaller space, such as a balcony or courtyard, this four-seater dining kit made of Chicdinia wood(£182 at B&Q)
It's an amazing choice.
Baianju has a complete set of colors and designs, so you will definitely find a suitable space for you.
Simply put, some tables and chairs can also be folded up. When they are not used, they can easily be placed in the cabinets of garden cabins or halls, giving you more space.
To help you choose the next set, please read the B&Q Garden Furniture Purchase Guide. 4)
Help your garden flourish and keep your flowers and lawns in good condition-
Watering is the key to a healthy and prosperous garden and a good place to start your space looking the best.
From the water tank to the hose, from the sprayer to the sprinkler, we have provided a series of tools to help you do this. -
It's available in Bai'an residence.
Our best choice for making your lawn look lush and green is the super-economic Hozelock Yellow Sprinkler. (£20 at B&Q)
This way you can keep the top of the watering without damaging the bank.
It also provides hours of entertainment for children on hot days. -
Real bonus!
Once your grass is ready-
In the summer sunshine, it will grow very fast soon.
When you have a party in the garden, keep the lawn in its best green state to make your space more attractive. -
The real trick is to mow often.
A mower like Bosch Rotak Universal 650 rope mower(£150 at B&Q)
It will make your life easier because it has an integrated system that makes it easier to change the cutting height.
The mower also has a leaf collector blade that cleans the lawn for the last time of the year, which helps keep your garden at its best throughout the year. 5)
Bright things. A room without lighting is incomplete. -
Gardens, terraces or balconies should be no different.
Whether you are entertaining at night or enjoying a romantic midsummer dinner between two people, choosing the right lighting can create an atmosphere. -
Another advantage is to illuminate the garden road when it's dark.
Although you may think that light is a permanent feature of space, this is not the case.
Beautiful black solar LED mini-lamp(£7 at B&Q)
Hanging on a tree or hook not only looks great, but also saves energy. -
Once it is charged by solar energy, it will continue to glow for six hours.
Very suitable for your recreational activities until late at night.
For more information about lighting outdoor space, please read the B&Q guide here. 7)AND FINALLY. . .
Ignite BBQ for the Sun-
I like delicious food. In summer, I barbecue in the garden. (
Or on the balcony! )
The first thing to do is to find the best barbecue for you.
If you want a real barbecue experience and classic smoke, there's nothing like charcoal.
Our favorite is Therockwell 210 Black Carbon Barbecue(
It used to be 127 pounds, now it's 100 pounds for Bai An Ju.
It is equipped with a stainless steel grille for dishwasher safety, making it easier to clean afterwards.
Not only that, but charcoal is also easy to buy and cheap. -
If you're counting coins, it's a perfect choice.
If you want to make life easier, why not choose a rich natural gas barbecue?
Unlike charcoal, it may take a while to start burning. Gas barbecues can start cooking almost immediately, with just a click.
You can also control the temperature completely. -
This is an amazing reward for chefs who want to cook more accurately.
If you like some mural barbecues, but the space is small, look at Rockwell 200 Black Gas Barbecue. (
It used to be 130 pounds, but now it's 110 pounds when we live in Baian.
This gives you enough room to cook, but there's not much bigger barbecue.
So once you follow these seven simple tips, there's nothing more you can do than get murals and maximize summer!
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