france wants to install 1,000 km of solar roadways over the next five years - all in one solar street light price

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-07
france wants to install 1,000 km of solar roadways over the next five years  -  all in one solar street light price
In 2014, the Netherlands built the world's first solar bicycle road, a 70-
A meter long cable-pull road.
The proof of concept works even better than expected. Six months later, it generates enough electricity to power a small family for a year.
Despite its success and attractiveness, the scope of the project is very limited compared with the projects currently under way in France.
The French government announced that it would pave 1000 kilometers. (621 miles)
The development of solar panels in the next five years.
S_Gol_ne Royal, Minister of Ecology and Energy, announced the decision at a press conference.
The first test will begin in the spring, according to Colas, a French infrastructure company that develops photovoltaic pavement. (
It's called Waterway.
For testing, 1-km-
Long roads will provide public street lighting for 5,000 inhabitants of cities and towns.
This means that once the project is completed, the new road will be able to provide electricity to 5 million people, about 8% of the French population.
Compared with other photovoltaic solutions, Colas's technology is innovative because it does not require the dismantling of existing road infrastructure or any type of civil engineering work: Wattway panels consist of batteries and insert polycrystalline silicon film into the superimposed layer, which can be directly applied to the road surface. Otolaryngology.
These batteries are encapsulated in resin substrates to prevent rainwater from entering. The composite material is only 7 mm thick, so it can adapt to thermal expansion of pavement.
There is no indication of which roads will be covered by water or how much the project will cost.
"Waterway's price per square metre can be seen from the perspective of power production costs," Waterway explains. "Photovoltaic energy is measured in watts. -
Peak, considering sunshine conditions.
Today, prices fluctuate between 2 and 8 euros per watt, depending on the technology used and the support of the installation panel. -peak.
The cost of using watt power is estimated at 6 euros/watt. -peak.
"Another factor to consider is that Wattway solar panels seem to be slightly less efficient than traditional photovoltaic solutions. (
The energy output of the former is 15%, compared with 18% of the former. -
19% latte).
At present, the production time is relatively long, because the panel is manually installed, which makes the whole process quite complex, but in 2016, the situation should be improved: industrial. -
Engineers in the launch and colas of the scale manufacturing plan are designing a mechanical process that should optimize the application time.
Financial support may come from the government: Ms Royal proposes to raise gasoline taxes to support improvements in France's transport infrastructure, and solar roads can get their share.
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