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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-11
film review - sex and the city  -  solar traffic light system
Sex and City (MA15+)
Director: Michael Patrick Kingfeature debut)
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrell, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Chris North-------------------------
Comment 1: for those ladies who just lurk Sex and the city, it doesn't seem to come back since Sex and the city disappeared from your TV screen, has it really been four years?
Of course.
Although this series is over on such a field
Perfect instructions, Kylie Bradshaw and her plain entourage the ongoing adventure has never been done in your mind, has it?
Well, there's no need for self-
Because the movie "Sex and the City" has now been released.
Needless to say, there is so much to do in the process of this extension --play reunion. Carrie (
Sarah Jessica Parker)and Big (Chris Noth)
Still dancing together-
In addition to tango, there are some tricky new moves for both to join the routine.
Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall)
Now she's scheduled to run her himbo career in Hollywood.
Handsome boyfriend, but still willing to fly back to New York with a cocktail napkin and taste the dirty stuff.
Miranda Hobbs. Cynthia Nixon)
It is a married working mother in Brooklyn, away from the bright lights of Manhattan and the virtual solar system of the big night. The poor thing.
And Charlotte York (Kristin Davis)
Finally become a complete
After picking a late parent,
Chinese children's model from the new orphan catalogue. Lovely. I could go on.
But it makes no sense.
You will be in an unprecedented state.
Escalating impatience, you won't "ping" until you hear plinky open the automatic sliding door of the theme and brain pleasure center "! ’.
Don't read it again.
Have a good time.
Rating: Four stars.
Comment 2: For those gentlemen who simply can't stand Sex and the city while you're really thinking, these four years have passed in a flash, haven't they?
It looks like a permanent holiday, but the result is a temporary stay of execution.
Now, if the planets are arranged in such a way that you have to go to sex and city with your wife, girlfriend or potential partner, it's time to die.
Let me break the pain for you with pure math.
The first program of the TV program lasted for 22 minutes and commercial advertising is not allowed (
Or in your case, quick whip-
Surround other channels with remote control).
The movie version ends somewhere north of 140 minutes.
Now imagine sitting there like a bunion on the toes, the equivalent of six years old. and-a-
The bit set ends to the end.
A strange fog of fear will fall on your soul, causing you inconvenience.
A feeling of uneasiness
Like you're going to be involved in a small traffic accident.
Just won't leave.
Don't read it again.
Running for your life
Rating: no stars.
Comment 3: for the rest of us. . . .
So far, we should all know where we stand about sex and the city, shouldn't we?
It's never a must for me.
Watch TV but I can handle 3 or 4 shows almost every season.
Better episodes are perfect in my experience
Example of the formation of populist programming: tight-
Winding spiral spring of Smut, sass and sister soul.
Zappy writing and lively rhythm is the key to success, and has always maintained high standards in the wonderful series ending in Paris.
In the economic environment of TV, after flying so comfortable and far away, it must be said that the movie "Sex and the City" just doesn't know how to deal with all the leg spaces of the first comparison.
Big Class part-screen.
The rhythm almost never broke out from a slight plod.
Writing is very, very general. Die-
Die-hard fans can leave every TV with an eternal quote.
Here, once the hype has subsided, the only lasting memory that many viewers will have is that a fictional quartet accidentally poked her pants.
Don't read it again.
There is only one link to the movie site and unless there is no better way, you can live without watching.
Rating: two stars. -----------------------------------------------www.
Sexy Movies.
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