fake german heiress accused of bilking friends, banks and hotels for $275,000 while living jet-set lifestyle - solar panel traffic lights

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fake german heiress accused of bilking friends, banks and hotels for $275,000 while living jet-set lifestyle  -  solar panel traffic lights
Anna Solokin traveled in celebrity circles and offered a $100 tip. -
There is more reason to believe that she is the heiress of Germany.
But behind the plane-
Prosecutors say a fixed lifestyle and expensive clues are a fraudster who cheats friends, banks and hotels to give them a taste of noble life.
Solokin, 28, lives in a luxury New York hotel room she can't afford. She assures a friend that-
The Manhattan District Attorney's Office claimed that it paid for the trip to Morocco, then stuffed her with a $62,000 bill and peddled fake bank statements in search of a $22 million loan.
Wednesday, that-
Big Apple's social networking site Time Talent has been tried on suspicion of burglary and service theft, accusing her of defrauding many people and businesses from $275,000 in 10 years. -
One month in Odyssey, she saw her landing in a cell on Ricks Island before flying to the Midwest and Marrakech.
After Sorokin's arrest in October 2017, prosecutor Katherine McCoy said: "Her overall plan is to claim that she is a wealthy German heiress with about $60 million in foreign capital. "
"She was born in Russia and, as far as we know, she has no money under her name.
Solokin's lawyer said she never intended to commit a crime.
In a public statement, lawyer Todd Spodek told jurors that Sorokin was using a system that was "easily seduced by glamour and flashiness" after seeing wealth open the door.
Spodek says she's just fighting for time so she can start a business and pay off her debts.
"Anna has to pretend until she succeeds," Spodek said.
Sorokin was arrested and imprisoned. Whatever the outcome of the trial, she would be expelled to Germany because authorities said her visa had expired.
However, her story may continue.
Shonda Rhimes is producing a show about Sorokin for Netflix about the power behind Gray's Anatomy and the scandal.
Lena Dunham, known as a "girl", is working for HBO.
Sorokin came to the world of Champagne Wish and Caviar Dream with a new name in 2016. (Anna Delvey)
Match with the wardrobe(
Celine sunglasses, Gucci sandals and high heels-
Final net purchase-a-
Porter and Alice Walker).
According to people familiar with her, she made a demonstration to prove that she belonged to Uber and handed the crisp Benjamin to the Uber driver and the hotel porter, but she gave different explanations of her source of wealth.
At different times, they said, she would say her father was a diplomat, an oil tycoon, or solar panel trash. -muck.
In fact, her father told New York Magazine that he used to be a truck driver with heating. -and-
Cooling business.
Initially, people around Sorokin didn't see the red flag when they asked them to write taxi and plane tickets on their credit cards. -
They said she sometimes said it was difficult to transfer assets from Europe. -
When they had to chase her for money, they laughed and said it was forgetfulness.
"It's a magic," Rachel Williams, a friend from a trip to Morocco, wrote in Vanity Fair.
"It's hard to say I'm one of the props, and so is the audience.
Anna is a beautiful dream in New York, just like those nights that will never end.
Then the bill arrives.
The prosecutor said that when Sorokin was addicted to the scene of a New York party, she began talking about plans to spend tens of millions of dollars on a private art club, including exhibitions, installations and pop music. -up shops.
She wanted to call it the Anna Delphi Foundation.
Prosecutors say Sorokin maintained her heiress status in the search for a $22 million loan for the club in November 2016.
She claimed that the loan would be guaranteed by a letter of credit from UBS Switzerland and, based on a summary of the allegations, showed a statement aimed at confirming its assets.
A bank refused Solokin because she "did not have enough cash flow to pay for the loan," prosecutors said.
Prosecutors said she was bailed when another company pressed her to meet a UBS banker who could verify her assets.
At the same time, Spodek said, an executive of the company sent her provocative text messages telling her that "both inside and outside are beautiful," that he "forced himself not to kiss you" and asked to go to her hotel room.
Prosecutors say Sorokin persuaded a bank to lend her $100,000 to pay for due diligence while seeking a loan.
The prosecutor said she finally saved $55,000. "In about a month, she wasted that money on personal expenses. "
A few months later, in May 2017, Solokin allegedly chartered flights to and from the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders'meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, but never paid $354,000 in bills.
Prosecutors say Solokin went bankrupt in July 2017 at a hotel in downtown Manhattan and faced a huge bill. He pleaded with a police officer that rescue efforts were under way.
"I don't have money or credit cards.
I'm waiting for my German aunt.
She has to pay, "Sorokin said, according to court documents.
"I don't want to run away.
Why did you do that? Give me five minutes. I can find a friend to pay for it.
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