explaining a solar energy paradox - solar led flood light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
explaining a solar energy paradox  -  solar led flood light
Even companies in China, Germany, Japan and the United States produce large quantities of silicon photovoltaic cells. -
Converting sunlight into electricity-
Many experts are confident at a very fast rate, and paradoxically, the technology is the same. -
At least in terms of global climate change.
They say that unless the technology develops much faster than the market itself, solar cells will play a marginal role in limiting the accumulation of "greenhouse" gases in the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.
However, take a quick look at sites like solarbuzz.
Com gives the heat of the recent solar cell market.
Why yawn in terms of atmosphere and climate?
Despite the overflow of production, the problem is still price.
So far, the market for photovoltaic cells has mainly been in places where higher premiums are paid than traditional energy options. (
Coal or natural gas or nuclear energy)is acceptable.
Think of Santiago, or Germany.
In order to promote the use of solar panels, the German government has guaranteed that the price of solar panels for power generation has been very high for 20 years. Most American-
Architecture or China-
The existing panels will be purchased by German buyers.
Shi Zhengrong, New-
Foundry Chinese Solar Energy-
Powerful billionaire whose wealth grows mainly in the export market.
But the biggest increase in carbon dioxide emissions, the main greenhouse gas associated with recent global warming, comes from China's rapidly growing use of coal to power the industrial economy that churns out solar panels. (
And other products)
Overseas sales.
Nathan Lewis of California Institute of Technology says that only when solar power competes with other energy sources in terms of cost can it become a meaningful tool for limiting climate risk. -
Not only in wealthy California or subsidizing Germany, but also in places like China.
Even a small fraction of the additional marginal costs will deter people and businesses in developing countries. (
Even the richest people)
He said the shift from renewable energy.
_ We_____Lewis said.
_ Now its price is 50 times that of the original.
_ 157; Scale remains a huge challenge.
Solar energy is available on one roof, or even one million roofs.
But Robert Sokolo of Princeton University has become a master for those who seek climate change. -
Protecting the energy revolution makes some people very sober-of-the-
Envelope calculation of solar panel action.
Just to avoid a small wedge, or even a wedge. -
Tenth, the expected increase in coal combustion by 2050 will require about 200 million solar roofs in the Million Solar Roof Project. (
This is California. -
Open efforts).
Experts still generally agree that scale remains an obstacle to moving beyond solar energy, expanding nuclear power and using non-emission coal. -
Basically, for any energy technology option, in addition to "business as usual", they aspire to a reasonable quality of life in a world of nine billion people.
This is the challenge of research.
No one said that more money for basic energy science would guarantee a breakthrough in solar energy generation. (
Or breakthroughs in biofuels, etc. ).
But like Martin Hofft, a retired N. Y. U.
He recently told me that without a coordinated and continuous research mission, you can be sure that breakthroughs will not come soon.
_ He said that technological evolution is like biological evolution.
_ 156; Most mutations, like most innovative technologies, cannot survive.
But without mutation, evolution stopped.
It only takes one transistor to change the world.
_ 157; No more comments.
So why don't we pay more attention to population bombs?
Almost every troublesome place in the world has an exit. -of-
Control the population ratio. (
An economist won the Nobel Prize to prove this. )
California is running out of water.
Virginia is competing with Maryland for water resources in Potomac.
Haiti's landscape is being exploited as firewood, making it vulnerable to floods.
Just because Reagan doesn't like abortion doesn't mean we should get rid of it or stop talking about it.
He intimidated environmental groups not to mention population bombs, even if they were destroying habitats.
Who really wants to live in a world of 9 billion people?
Imagine if Osama's mother could get contraception?
What about Nicolas Tesla's proposal to provide radio power for the earth industry?
The idea was put forward by J. Tesla's financial supporter. P.
Morgan, when he decided that free electricity was impossible.
Another example of people who run our country.
Solar energy plays an important role in future energy production.
Policies being implemented in Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan have resulted in huge demand for photovoltaics.
Demand exceeds supply.
Silicon shortage, but market forces are rapidly correcting.
Price as a Traditional Power Source(
Natural gas, coal, oil)
Continuing to grow at a double-digit rate, the price of solar energy declines, and there will be a turning point in the next 10 years. Solar power generation will be cheaper than traditional energy.
By then, there will be no need for government subsidies.
Every new house has solar energy.
Every new commercial building will be included.
In the final analysis, it is economics.
However, solar power does need government incentives to start functioning.
The money is well spent.
It is better to spend money on war than on war.
I live in sunny Arizona.
Although technological breakthroughs may take time, solar panels could spread beyond Santiago or Germany if the supply and demand economy can lower prices.
The government is usually the biggest buyer in any market.
The federal government, state governments and ordinary consumers will work together to encourage the production of solar panels, which in turn will drive down the price of solar panels.
The problem is that there aren't enough buyers, so solar panel manufacturers still need to keep prices high to make a profit.
If the price permits, I would like to install a solar panel. (
Hoa also permits).
Looking at my water and electricity bills during peak hours, I want to use some alternative energy sources, but not at the current price of installing solar panels.
The problem is not technology, but economy.
For them, one thing I seldom hear is the impact of solar power on the environment.
This is clearly an issue that supporters are reluctant to discuss.
I believe that many toxic chemicals are produced as by-products of photovoltaic cells.
If we build a very large photovoltaic power plant, I can imagine a huge environmental impact.
This needs to be compared with coal or nuclear power plants of similar size.
This thought-provoking article by Lars Eville provides a broad reference for further research.
What a shameful America. S.
There is no leading position in this alternative energy plan.
More than $8 billion a month will have many benefits on this stage, not. . .
Why mention it?
DN is even more important than the cost of photovoltaic cells(
All electronic products will become cheaper, and these will continue to do so.
It is a kind of energy storage mode with high cost and low capacity.
We need a cheap and reliable technology to store solar energy. -
The amount of electricity generated when needed.
The transmission network already exists.
If someone sponsors a sudden change in energy storage, the market is likely to reward investment.
Warren Buffett, are you reading this?
Over the past 50 years, actual sustained nuclear fusion has been considered the next 20 years.
At the same time, the growth in energy demand seems to have proven this 30 years ago.
In my opinion, besides Santiago or Germany, there are many places suitable for solar power generation.
In Oregon, there is a range of tax credits and incentives that can be used to pay for it. (over 4 years)
About half of the $15,000 cost of installing a photovoltaic system.
We pay low subsidies for grid prices, and solar energy cannot compete on a cost basis.
Social interests make up for the difference.
Perhaps Google or Microsoft could offer a billion dollars bonus to the first inventor to discover 90% efficient photovoltaic materials, which could be mass-produced at current costs of one-tenth of a watt, with toxicity and carbon footprint the same or lower as today's photovoltaic manufacturing technologies.
A precise milestone can be announced when awards are announced.
In return, Google or Microsoft will receive permanent patents. -free non-
Patent exclusive licensing.
Of course, to show off one's rights for the greatest award in the world and to support one of the most important efforts in the world.
With enough energy, you can desalinate water.
With sufficient energy, we can create food and expand productive agriculture.
With enough energy, you can have lights at night, educate your children, and provide business opportunities for their parents.
Certainly very high. -
High-quality energy such as electricity means that the world can connect more easily and finally realize the political dream of the times.
Solar energy cannot be considered only in the context of carbon offset and emission reduction.
Although people are increasingly aware of the environmental hazards of fossil fuel-fired power generation, there is also a real cost problem.
With solar power systems, homeowners or businesses can guarantee their fixed electricity prices for 20 years and beyond, and with the increasing cost of fuel and limited inventory of commodities, the financial security provided by solar power systems is a value in itself.
Solar energy is not the answer, but it must be a valuable tool in climate change tools.
What seems to be missing here is a reduction in consumption.
Coal growth(
And other power plants)
Based on past consumption.
LED lights have been used in Canadian and Australian legislation.
They use one-tenth of the power of traditional bulbs.
Solar energy itself can not solve most of the production problems, but with the progress of technology and the reduction of consumption, solar energy will undoubtedly play a great role.
Why pay attention to solar energy?
It is not cheap enough to meet our needs.
We need many new gigawatts of reliability-carbon-emitting power.
At the present level of technology, solar energy can not achieve this goal.
In order to shut down heavily polluted coal-fired power plants, we now need to start building many nuclear power plants.
In my opinion, no. -
Scientists are addicted to solar energy for ideological reasons. The longer they continue to be addicted to solar energy, the longer coal-fired power plants will emit toxic heavy metals, soot and excessive carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.
The New York Times continues to lead the march of mainstream media gossipers, accusing us of failing to improve our utilization of solar energy to stop faltering computers. -
Simulating human climate change will bring bad luck to civilization.
But it doesn't matter.
Misfortune is on the way: according to the best experts(
It's not CERA. It's the public relations department of big oil companies.
Peak oil has appeared.
With or without the rapid growth of solar energy(
It will never approach the unique energy content that provides liquid fossil fuels.
Nevertheless, our use of fossil fuels will soon become serious. -
Limited, the planet will begin to decline towards a more sustainable population. . . For example, one billion people.
Let Great Men Die-off begin.
Have you ever heard of "Start with you"?
Although I certainly understand the arguments raised here, I think it irresponsible not to encourage the continued use of solar energy.
I own a small company that sells solar garbage cans.
They are used in business districts, parks and beaches to help reduce fuel and work hours dramatically by compressing waste and reducing the amount of travel needed to empty dustbins.
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