ever had the ‘white picket fence’ dream? this could be that home for real - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
ever had the ‘white picket fence’ dream? this could be that home for real  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
37 Caderousse Street.
Source: The supply of this house is a dream. In the very popular Hampton, it seems to be very suitable for the completion of Queensland's white picket fence.
The six-bedroom apartment at 37 Russert Street has four bathrooms and four parking spaces. It was renovated in Queensland in the 1930s.
37 Caderousse Street.
Source: Supplieda White Pile Fence surrounds the fascinating facade of built gardens and traditional wooden walls. First-
The floor entrance passes through a covered balcony with plantation shutters.
37 Caderousse Street.
Source: Suppliedinside is a mixture of modern luxury and classical elegance with high ceilings, VJ walls, stained glass windows and polished hardwood floors.
There are also air conditioning, solar energy and carpet bedrooms.
A central dining room with lanterns is situated between a naturally lit lounge and a stylish kitchen with stainless steel appliances, wine cabinets and a wooden bench.
37 Caderousse Street.
Source: Three bedrooms are close to the built living area. -
Wardrobe and decorative eaves.
The main bedroom has a convex window and a suite with two dressers.
The shared bathroom next to the kitchen has been revamped, including a deep bathtub, a stylish dresser and a shower.
The first floor can be accessed from the inside or from the street through an elegant garden terrace.
37 Caderousse Street.
Source: Horizontal self-provided-
Include a complete kitchen-
High quality household appliances, breakfast bar and wooden cabinet.
The living room and dining room are tiled and surrounded by three bedrooms, one of which has a suite.
A separate bathroom with a shower and bathtub and an outdoor laundry outside can be used as a garden cabin.
This well-designed house has four parking spaces and four parking spaces in two garages, which naturally leads to privacy and separation.
About 7 kilometers from Brisbane CBD, you can walk to parks, public transport, restaurants and shops.
Zack Muller, a special agent for Ray White Albine, said the house was a blend of low-income living for modern families. -
Maintain lifestyle. “Picture-
Perfect Street attraction is just the beginning of families that need space badly for large families.
The inspection was carried out by reserving an on-site auction at 10 a. m. on March 4.
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