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enjoy having the countryside all to yourself in this home - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
enjoy having the countryside all to yourself in this home  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
605 Montecolumsource Goonengerry Road: Provides one of the best landscapes in Byron Bay, an ecological area-
Source of inspiration, resort-
Style attribute is a property-The joy of a lover.
Each element is a perfect combination of traditional Australian life and modern luxury.
Surrounded by 6.
Five hectares of lush, rolling mountains have been designed to make full use of a precious ridge location. Sweeping, 270-
From a glass perspective, each design decision has a degree view. -
Ground closed swimming pool-to-
Ceiling windows and classic porches.
The scenery is incredible.
Source: The building materials provided emphasize the surrounding landscape.
Italian sandstone, recyclable spotted glue and compacted earth walls create a warm, plain and glorious glow.
Marble and stainless steel add a sense of modernity to these five materials. -bedroom home. Eco-
Friendly paints and finishes, and solar energy-
Hot water, make sure it's a home, it's so thoughtful, because it's luxurious.
There is enough entertainment space.
Source: The venues provided include Virgin Garden and Orchard, as well as a special one. -
A meditation hall was built.
It's not the only place to think quietly. -
The spacious outdoor pavement provides ample space to watch the world change.
Even the smallest details were carefully considered. Resort-
Style additions include statement chandeliers, a wide speaker system and a large independent bathtub around the country's view.
A separate studio or manager's dormitory is an ideal choice for visitors.
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