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energy firm cuadrilla pauses fracking in lancashire for the third time in two months after nine tremors in one morning and the largest earthquake so far - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
energy firm cuadrilla pauses fracking in lancashire for the third time in two months after nine tremors in one morning and the largest earthquake so far  -  solar traffic light system
Energy company Cuadrilla suspended hydraulic fracturing operations in Lancashire for the third time in two months after suffering nine earthquakes one morning.
A series of "micro
After fracking at the site of Preston New Road shale gas exploration, the Blackpool earthquake was recorded on the website of the British Geological Survey.
The earthquake started at 9.
40am, the ninth and last tremor, at 1.
Grade 5 is the largest record since the start of hydraulic fracturing.
This is the red event under the traffic signal light system, which is used to monitor the seismic events during the hydraulic fracturing process, causing the operation to stop temporarily.
A Cuadrilla spokesperson said: "After hydraulic fracturing at our shale gas exploration site in Lancashire, a series of micro-seismic events have been recorded.
The biggest record is 1. 5ML (Local magnitude)at about 11. 20am.
This happened a day after the hydraulic fracturing ended.
"According to a recent study by the University of Liverpool, the effect is like throwing a melon.
A series of smaller micro-seismic events occurred during hydraulic fracturing, starting at around 9. 40am.
Cuadrilla will suspend and continue to monitor micro-seismic activity for at least the next 18 hours in accordance with traffic light system regulations.
"Integrity has been checked and verified.
The spokesman also said these were very, very low vibrations.
They were recorded because of the professional surface monitoring equipment we used.
This is the most monitored piece of land in the country, but there is no need to worry about the frequency of these recordings.
The British Geological Survey (BGS)
The ninth and last earthquake was confirmed at 1.
Grade 5 is the biggest record since the start of hydraulic fracturing.
Since the start of fracking in October 15, some shaking has been found at the site of Preston's new highway.
But it can only work when there is a magnitude 0 earthquake.
5 or more are detected according to the rules.
According to BGS, earthquakes of less than two levels are usually not felt, and if so, only people who are very close to the earthquake can feel it.
Tony Bosworth, a friend of Earth activists, said: "Within a day when Kudela is back again
Starting with fracking in Lancashire, another earthquake has already occurred, which means they have to dismantle the tools.
"They can't seem to explode without causing shock.
Instead of acknowledging the need to end fracking, Cuadrilla urged the relaxation of earthquake-related regulations.
We have always said that fracking can bring risks to our climate and environment.
After today's earthquake, with the impact of the climate collapse already happening around us, is it time to stop fracking once and for all?
After two earthquakes, test drilling at the site was suspended on 2011, one of which was two. .
Level 3, the other is Level 1.
5 on April and 5 of that year, respectively.
But in October, Green
After seven years at the London High Court, Judge Supperstone resumed fracking.
Previously, Bob Dennett, an environmental activist, failed to pass a ban to prevent Cuadrilla from conducting shale gas exploration.
Jonathan Batley
The Green Party leader said the ruling was "disappointing ".
Instead, he urged the government to abandon its reckless pursuit of natural gas and instead invest in a renewable revolution in solar, wind and tidal power.
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