energia powers the country's street lights in €86m deal - solar street lights for home

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-02
energia powers the country\'s street lights in €86m deal  -  solar street lights for home
Energy supplier Energia will sign a new 86 million agreement with the Government Procurement Office to power all street lights in the country.
Under the three-year agreement, Energia will supply about 52,000 unmeasured power points nationwide, which supply 480,000 public lights.
As part of a broader sustainability commitment, a plan is also under way to thoroughly overhaul street lighting throughout the country to remove old lights in order to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.
The contract agreement, which was formally launched in November last year, will last until the end of October, 221.
Energy supply accounts for about 25% of Ireland's total electricity demand and 21% of Ireland's total wind power generation.
Alan Mulcahy, Energia's sales director, said the company had a long-term relationship with local authorities and the public.
"By powering all the street lights in Ireland, we have the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the community and local citizens every day," Mulcahy said.
He said that energy supports more than 200,000 housing units, more than 58,000 businesses and public sector institutions, basic services, community services and charitable organizations.
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